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Bassix Basses

bassix basses      bassix jazza

i think these look kinda neat. someone sent us a picture of the bass on the right (called the "jazza"), and so i went to visit the bassix website. some of the designs look sorta 'Jetsons'-ish, while others look more traditional. the designer and builder of these interesting instruments is a mr. alan hatswell of Kent, England. he sounds cool. you can visit his website: http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/bassixstudio/bassixindex.htm

Electra Bass

electra bass

this one actually doesn't look that terrible to me. i've never seen one of these before, but it is kind of strange - it's an odd mix of a lot of things i'd never seen combined on a bass - is that really a Rickenbacker bridge? i dunno - i just thought i'd include it for you all to ponder for a moment.

Frank Zappa Bass

frank zappa bass

okay, maybe not the best drawing of Frank Zappa i've ever seen, but at least it's on a bass guitar. basically i think just about anything can be improved by adding a picture of Frank Zappa to it.

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