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Yellow Submarine

yellow submarine

here's the latest creation from our pal carver doug! is this guy too cool or what? don't forget to read our interview with doug, or visit his site: http://www.carverdoug.com/.

Navy Bass

navy bass

i think this ebay instrument description can speak for itself:

"Serious Bidders Only! This is a one of a kind hand carved guitar. It was carved from one solid piece of mahogany by Donald Johnsen in 1958 while he was attending the University of Washington on a Navy scholarship and supporting a family. He wanted to join a group of his guitar-playing Navy friends who were also students. There was not the money to buy a guitar so he decided to make one. Furtively measuring fret distances in music stores, sanding pearl buttons down to make the insets, acquiring raw fret material and knobs from an area instrument repair shop. The addition of a low cost amplification pickup provided the volume. This bass has had many happy hours. It is now time for someone else to enjoy. Will accept cashier's or personal check or money order. Buyer pays postage."
thanks for the link robert!

the Bishop bass

bishop bass      

here's a picture of an odd bass i'd never seen before (ebay of course). i mean, i'm pretty sure i'd never seen one of these before, but then i kept getting that strange feeling of familiarity that i really HAD seen it before.... anyway, it took me a while to figure it out. (try imagining the bass surrounded by disco lights - it's easier to see the resemblance that way... see it?). by the way, the seller said that the bass "is not possessed by Satan".

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