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Tabasco Bass


we really use a lot of tabasco here in Hawaii. we put it on everything, plate lunch -n- stuffs. that's probably why this bass appeals to me, and it'd probably go over real good with all my friends here too. anyway, this bass was made by Lee Garver at GMW Guitarworks in Glendora, California. he has a website here: http://www.gmwguitars.com/artistsguitars.html. i also like the Dr. Seuss guitar and the Sheik Yerbouti guitar (Dweezil's personal guitars). Actually, i'd probably like anything with Frank Zappa on it.

Skull & Bones

skull and bones

Yet another skull guitar.
Why is this skull bleeding from the mouth?
(our thanks to anthony for this one)

Crystal Guitars

crystal guitar

ok, whatevers. if you're into this kind of thing, click here http://www.crystalguitars.com/



thanks to steve for sending us this picture. somebody stuck rickenbacker pics on their precision bass. the best of both worlds?

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