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what is it with guns and electric guitars? can you imagine how dumb this must look when it's being played? *shudder*

meet Warren...

electric cello

here's a picture of a guy named Warren who lives in New Zealand. apparently he likes to build instruments at home when he has free time - this one is an electric cello. i find the two extensions protruding from the sides (between Warren's knees) less-than-elegant, but then i guess that's part of the charm of home-made stuff right? you can see some of Warren's other creations here:  http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/wpowell/musical.htm

The Wasp


yeah, more crushed skull/bone guitars. i hate to say it but we have so much awful crap in these galleries that this kind of stuff is starting to look downright 'normal' to me. now how sad is that? the flames (or are they flowers?) fret position markers look really lame, and they get skinnier as you go up the neck. Skinny fire?



Casey sent us this one. i wrote a poem about it:

Stumpy, dwarfy, nasty, dumpy,
Twisty, lumpy, fucking ugly.

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