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The Double Eagle

double eagle

double eagle      double eagle
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Here's an unusual guitar that Steve Barr found for us on ebay. As you can see, it has many coins and other interesting objects stuck to it to make it look very cool. And it is called the Double Eagle, which is also meant to remind you that it is very cool. But my favorite part was the desription:

"This guitar was built by Harold Clampitt of Garland, Texas in the early 70's. At the time he was the lead picker in a country band, and much younger. Brother Harold and I have enjoyed playing this guitar over the years but as you can probably guess we can't even lift it anymore. It weighs 25 lbs. and the custom built case weighs about the same..."
Really? Brother Harold was younger back in the 70's? How unexpected. I also like to imagine the two brothers playing this guitar (at the same time?) - it's a cute image, isn't it? ^_^

Dwarf Shark

dwarf shark

this one is kind of cute. i have to admit that i have a weakness for musical instruments shaped like fish. this is already our third one in the amusing section, but at least this one is not creepy looking like the others. i like the way this one looks a lot like those 'Made in Taiwan' plastic toys that I used to play with in the tub (this was when I was little).

Wishnevsky Bass


This one must be REALLY bad - must be a dozen people sent us the link to this ebay bass. I dunno - everything about this bass just seems so wrong. The description is pretty funny too:

"Custom made Wishnevsky fretless bass, 32" scale, Basslines P-bass Pickup, stewmac bridge, shaller tuners. Has volume control only, but lots of room in electronics cavity for more controls. Beautiful curley maple body and through neck, set off with mahogany accents. Rosewood fingerboard and electronic cover. Very striking and beautiful bass, plays well, warm and friendly ergonomics, designed to sound like upright. Solid steel neckrod, laquer finish. A real nice playing instrument. I have over twenty years experience building insruments and have studied under some of the best, but don't have to depend on lutherie for a living. This bass was ordered and then never claimed. It is three years old and I have been using it as a display piece. It always draws the most favorable comment, due to the very nice wood and styling. I need to find this axe a good home, as my booth room is limited and I have another display piece. So my loss is your gain. This was supposed to be a $750 instrument, but I have to take best offer, or learn to play left handed. There is no case, and buyer should add $35 for shipping..."
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Ritter Jupiter

ritter jupiter

wow! this is the second ritter bass we've got (3rd if you count the ying-yang bass in the basswars section) and this one is a lot wilder than the first. it's weird but i think it's also very cool - i'm sure it's the shape but i guess it's also the color. i like it, it's neat ^__^

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