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The ultimate (ebay) metal bass?

metal bass

Oh my.

"This guitar has nothing to be compared to. It is the only guitar like it in the world.The guitar was totally hand crafted and completed in 1991. It is constucted primarily of wood and fiberglass and is extremely durable. The guitar is in incredibly good condition with all original paint and no touch up ever having been done. The art work on the back side of the bass is all hand painted and unbelievable. At our best count we come up with 31 signatures, such as Mark Geary, Jason McMaster, Mike Watson, Scott Dalhover & Danny Aaron of Dangerous Toys, Zakk Wyld, lead guitarist for Ozzy in 1992, Lita Ford, Matt Surum, the drummer for Guns & Roses, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Peter Steele of Type O Negative. There are also signatures from members of Skid Row, Drain, Fight, Union, Lynch Mob & Warrent. This guitar was played by Jay Jay the bassist for Fight at a concert in Tampa, Florida in 1994. This is an Incredible piece of Heavy Metal memorabilia that has no match. It measures about 22 1/2" wide by 64" long. The color is called plum crazy. It has a mirrored pick guard & a Bad Ass bridge. Although it is a very playable bass, what you are really bidding on is a piece of Heavy Metal Art. Please serious bidders only, if you would like to dream feel free to do so just don't bid by mistake while you are dreaming. If you have questions please e-mail. Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance..."
Got that? You got the guy's permission to dream (don't forget to feel grateful). Thanks to Joe for sending us this bass!


blue wave ovation

The perfect wave, the perfect break, the perfect sunset... *barf* (thanks brooks!)

The Wangcaster


It was only a matter of time before somebody (scott) sent us a picture of one of these. The pubic hair pickguard is a nice touch.

SD Curlee Bass

the rail

Coincidence? I think not.

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