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invisible bass

here's another bad bass idea, sent in by my e-pal andrea:

"I just came across this thing though on my hunt for a small Fender and it made me laugh. It's the one for me! Why do people make this kind of thing? It's kind of absurd, I think. Almost like someone did it on photoshop. I thought you might laugh at it too."
yes, i did laugh at it - it's stupid. i don't get it. i mean, certain things are fun to look at when they're see-through. clocks (because they have moving parts), car washes (because they have moving parts), and clothes (for obvious reasons) are just a couple of examples. but electric guitars don't have moving parts, nor does the sight of exposed wires and screws turn me on. someone should just paint this thing already.

Warrior 15 string bass

15 string!

looks like someone got a deal on tuners...

stig petersen's 2 string basses

2 strings

too funny! from left to right: a couple of shots of stig's 2 string explorer bass (don't bump that headstock!), his rocket bass (shoots fireworks out of the bottom for maximum stage-excitement), and my favorite, the olive-in-the-martini bass (not that i drink alchohol, but it's SO CUTE!)... (these images were all swiped from arni's lefthand basses page...)

the Westone Rail

the rail

i almost forgot about these things until jon sent me this picture. i'm not even going to talk about this one. it makes me mad.

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