BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 34.
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not so amusing...

fake alembic

fake headstock

here's an ebay bass that big daddy sockpuppet told me about. it's supposed to be an alembic (?!) - yeah, i know. click here if you wanna see a picture of the ebay auction page - it's pretty sick: picture one and picture two. i talked to mica wickersham about it, and the folks at (the real) alembic are trying to shut this guy down.

the bizarre green-bone bass.

weird bass

okaaaay... well i'll bet money no one's ever seen a bass like THIS before! here's a strange little one that Albert Molinaro of Guitars-R-Us in Hollywood pulled out of his weird-box for jon to shoot. Albert doesn't know anything about this bass except that it was sent to him from England. he thinks that it MIGHT be from the late 60's or early 70's, but then again, who knows. brass, thick paint, and aluminum everywhere. the green paint is so thick we can't even tell if it's made of wood, resin, or what. look at the shadow it casts on the ground - creepy and evil! and that red nut just cracks me up - forget intonation, let's just make a nut shaped like a bone! yah! even the tuners are bone! anyways, if anybody knows anything about this crazy bass (or if you want to... um, buy it...??!), feel free to contact us. but please, no hate mail.

pointy basses, revisited.


this ebay bass-thing was sent in by our pal Tim (31 hz):

"BRAND NEW!! with Warranty!! Wild and Funky Space Bass by Jay Turser. This is from thier Space series of guitars and basses. It is called the Scrabe Bass. Listen to you mother and don't run around with this bass, You'll poke someones eye out!!! Looking for a bass that says "Yeah, I'm a Little different" or if you like being asked, "What the Hell is that". This is the perfect stage bass or Great for you collectors that like to collect wierd axes. Reserve is only $225. This bass Plays and Sounds Great. If your tierd of your boring old P-bass, Step into the Wild side...NO INTERNATIONAL BIDS!!!!!"

notes Tim: "I guess it's "different" to invent your own spelling, so this bass definitely belongs to him." yup - "no international bids" - makes you wish you lived abroad, doesn't it?

Paper, Rock, Scissors!

scissors guitar

wow! scissors shaped like a guitar! what a genius idea! this is a guitar built by the "I'll build anything" folks at Dave Lewis Custom Guitars (http://www.dlguitars.com/dlguitarsindex.htm). go check out their stuff - pretty wild! i'm thinking of ordering a big rock-shaped guitar myself (to crush this one with).

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