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Bizarre, isn't it?


just one of those old style clothes pins...(picture submitted by JP)

Teuffel for you?

teuffel birdfish

well that's different - a visit to the teuffel website may be in order if you really want to know what those big tubes do! personally think the gigbag is the coolest one i've ever seen:
teuffel bag
isn't that the cutest thing?

Stupid people.


sometimes i just see stuff that is so stupid there's nothing left to do but let my eyeballs glaze over and allow myself to just stare... this guitar/gun is pretty lame. it's not only a dumb idea, but i think that trigger/pistol grip part is oriented backwards... or is that supposed to be where the bullets go? whatever - i'm no gun expert, but i do know that this is thing is just really annoying to look at. you can play a part that goes 'dat dat dat dat dat' and shake your gun/guitar at the same time.. like you're really shooting! yeah! =P

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