BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 32.
*amusing to 'us', under certain conditions, and for whatever reason(s). if you wish to disagree, please feel free.

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Ritter Bass.

okay, i recognize this one. it's a fretless Ritter bass - i personally like the way they look a lot, though i've never played one. i'd like to get one in and give it a whirl. this one has an interesting feature - the knobs and buttons are 'hidden' in the back' - see? gee - do you think mr. ritter's got a certain mania about necks falling off? (must have gotten a deal on screws or something...) anyway, go visit Mr. Ritter's website when you have time - his stuff looks real exciting to me. i wonder if he's related to that 'three's company' guy? that show...it really sucked didn't it?

It's a Warr thing.


Johan sent us a picture of a Warr Guitar for our amusing basses gallery - apparently these guitars are specially made for 'touch playing'. i went looking for their website and found it really interesting. anyway, this bass was my personal favorite from their site - yeah, it's a cow. you can read all about touch playing at their website: http://www.warrguitars.com/

another fish..

apparently there is a whole sub-culture of people who like fish guitars out there that i didn't know about. this is the second fish guitar someone's sent us in the past month or so. when i have three or four then i'll have to make a separate page just for fish guitars. special thanks to JP for this one!

Warmoth Mockingbird.

warmoth mockingbird

"Hmmm - You know what would really be awesome is a bass that has ANOTHER bass for a headstock (God I'm a genius how come nobody ever thought of that before?) - Yeah I'm gonna carve the mockingbird body shape into this great Warmoth neck I just paid a couple hundred dollars for... Where's my damn pocketknife... Here it is... dum-de-dum-dum... *sound of hacking and carving*... Hmm... Okay, I think that'll do..... Oh-oh."

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