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the Randy Stumpf pages! (page 1 of 2)

if collecting the most amusing for us were a contest (it's not), we'd have a big prize waiting for Randy Stumpf (we don't). the man tirelessly scours the net looking for amusing basses for you. thank you Randy! ^_^ *clapping for Randy* All the stuff on this page was sent to us by Randy. for all his hard work, i bestow on Randy the title of 'honorary (?) bunnybass amusing bass researcher'! *more clapping*

the fat girl.

i don't really get the name, but the bass is cool. it's certainly weird, but i appreciate how much thought went into this design. i'd love to play one - i'm curious about the pickups and sound. i'd also like better pictures too... actually the whole site is neat. oh yeah - DO check out James Larsen's sushi girl guitar. this guy is too funny. we need more artist-builders like this!

Lieber custom made guitars, part I.

okaay. jon seems to like 'plump', so i'll ask him to come make a comment about these ones. i dunno - maybe they play and sound great. i've never seen one in real life. they're not very photogenic are they? the one on the left is called a Spider Grinder Electric. The one on the right is called a Spider Grinder Acoustic (makes sense). according to the Lieber website, Stanley Clarke and Paul McCartney both own basses like these. hmm.

lieber custom made guitars, part II.

hard to believe this is from the same builder as the above fruit-basses, but it's true. it was designed by the same guy who designed the alien in Alien (the movie) for the guitarist in Blondie - hence the name: the Geigerstein. makes a great halloween instrument. they also have a cute guitar named the Butternut (i love the name) that's worth checking out.


that's what this kind of 'wood' really called - "busywood". it's supposedly a very expensive material. i'm sure it's a great to build a guitar from - everyone keeps telling me that glue sounds better than wood. anyway, visit zachary guitars if you need one of these.

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