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oooh, your bass is so....BIG....

once in a while someone will send me an e-mail and pictures that i really enjoy (for a number of reasons). here's one:

This is Austin from Roscoe guitars. First of all, I would like to thank you
for the nice things you have said about our work. The pictures you took of
the Myrtle 5-string look great! Secondly, since you have a page dedicated to
weird basses, I thought you might get a kick out of the attachment to this
e-mail. We had a customer request a 9-STRING BASS!! Yep, it is a monster.
Evidently, it started as a rivalry between the purchaser, and one of his
buddies. You know, one guy gets a 5 string, the other a 6 - eventually, his
friend buys an 8-string and he has to one-up him. I don't get it. We took a
digital camera & shot lots of pictures of the bass around the office. The
picture of the guy at the work bench is my boss (Keith Roscoe). So, I zipped
them up into a big attachment & are sending it to you. We figured that we
would go ahead & send pictures to you, instead of you finding it on e-bay a
few years down the road (and thinking "What were those guys thinking????")
Anyway, enjoy & let me know what you think. best wishes, Austin Lynch

i especially like the last part - just imagining austin and mr. roscoe sitting around deliberating if they should send the pictures or not - pretty funny! ("should we be made fun of now or later?") actually though, although this bass IS a monster, i'm actually quite surprised at how 'natural' looking it came out. i mean, after i got over the sheer width of the neck, i noticed that it's actually a very lovely bass. i'm assuming it's really hard to design a 9 string bass that doesn't look stupid, and i think they did a great job of making something that fulfilled the requirements of the patient...i mean, customer, while creating something pleasing and functional and still a roscoe. i dunno - i guess you can disagree with this. look at that 4-bolt neck joint! that's cool! i'm sure they had to think about that one for more than a few mintues. and that headstock - i like it!

here's a pic of the pup nestled in it's case. i could fold my laundry on that neck! whee!

and finally, my favorite picture - a portrait of mr. keith roscoe with the bass. haah - that neck! (i bet john turner is drooling)




that's a mean overbite. there are other anatomical inaccuracies here (do fish really have lips?), but i guess i won't go into it. this fretless fish-guitar was made by a guy known to us only as 'bob', and was also sent to us by austin at roscoe guitars. i think the roscoe folks are so cool to keep sending me pictures, even though i made fun of their ugly skyscraper bass a while back. they're good guys (and excellent builders) - go visit their website!

thanks again to austin lynch for sending us this...'thing'... ^_^

busy busy!

yet ANOTHER guitar from our friend randall stumpf. as we sometimes say in hawai'i:

Wot Randy - No mo job?!?

just kidding. anyways, i put this one in here because maile told me to. she says it's "one of the stupidest 'serious' guitars she ever seen". i figure that's worth something right there. it's apparently called a Morch guitar (i dunno if rhymes with 'porch' or sounds like mindy's friend from Ork). personally i think the scrolls are kinda 'cute'.

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