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the Bender Collision bass

you think these guys could lay off the acid a little bit? sheesh.

(thanks to andrew campbell for sending us this picture!)



this upright really fascinates me. the pictures were sent to me one at a time, and the first one i got was the one on the left. i thought - 'so what?'. then when i looked at the others, i was like, 'whoa' (*mimi does her best keanu reeves impersonation*) this one was found on ebay - opening bid $12,000. it was carved by a "mike meadows" in 1978. i'm not sure if he carved the whole thing or just did the back and scroll on top. either way, i think this one's pretty amazing and i really enjoy looking at it. it's very 'alice in wonderland', isn't it? (one of my favorite books!)

thanks to clark suttle for sending us this truly bizarre bass!

"it's just a block of wood..."

did you know that guitar center maintains it's own amusing bass section? well, they don't call it that, but it's kinda the same thing:


never thought i'd be directing people to guitar center's website, but there it is. (thanks for the link, chris!)

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