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"wild dog, anyone?"

wow! this is a handbuilt wild dog electric guitar from the folks at plug 'n play guitars. have you ever seen such a smokin' custom job? see that black blob stuck to the face of the guitar? that's no ordinary black blob - that's a padded armrest. yes, say it with me - 'aaarm-rest'. very clever. i had my doubts about the sturdiness of that kind of construction technique (check out the staples visible in the back view), but jon assures me that he built a sitting stool in high school shop class that's made exactly the same way and it still works just great. who woulda known. so anyway, if you have a few minutes to spare, go visit their webpage for this guitar. value priced at only $1599 (canadian), i dare you to visit without making a down payment for one of your own. god, i hope they build a bass version.

much mahalo to randy stumpf for sending us the url to (hopefully) my next bass.


got lego?

this is an early 80's steinberger-gibson 20/20 bass. the ebay copy promises that this bass "plays and sounds as good as it looks". hmm - is this a good thing?

thanks to rob henderson for sending us this ugly bass!

"The Stoneman "NUDE""

from the website of the builder:

"The STONEMAN nude guitar is a one of a kind 3 dimentional anatomically correct work of art ! The " Body" of the guitar is shaped like the torso of a woman ( a very shaply woman! ). Besides the guitar being a work of art , and an absolute one of a kind ( a bass version is in the works ) instrument , It also PLAYS , BALLANCES , and SOUNDS very good !

The instrument is owned ( and played ) By World Famous Guitar Player - Andre Fox of the band : "George Clinton & P - Funk " ( Formally Parlement funkadelic ) probably the greatest " funk " band ever ! AND HERE IT IS : ANDRE FOX with his WORLD FAMOUS Guitar : " THE NUDE " by John Stoneman !"

oh boy. if i say anything about this guitar, i'm only going to get myself into trouble. (thanks for the link, nick!)

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