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"it boggles the mind"

guess where this bass came from? (ebay) what's that black outline around the edge - el marko? the lighting makes me think that the seller doesn't really want you to see what you're bidding on.

which reminds me, have you ever seen the film 'superstar: the karen carpenter story'? it's a film by 'avant garde' filmmaker todd haynes. and it's kinda hard to describe, but it's about the life story of karen carpenter, especially her struggle with self-image and anorexia. it's a really great film. well one of the interesting things about the film is that if i remember correctly, the whole thing is 'acted out' by barbie dolls. as karen becomes more and more ill, todd haines alters the barbie doll - for example i think he starts whittling the doll down to make it look more emaciated. it's pretty horrifying...why am i telling you this? well, the bass just reminded me of that mutilated barbie doll.

enough stripes for you?

gee, i thought the lado we have in the bass collection was stripey. i remember back when i was real small (the late 70's), one of my uncles had a shiny disco-shirt that looked kinda like this.

"handmade bass"

lori says "it looks like a moose." actually, i don't think this one is too too bad. the pickguard could have been more elegant but the headstock is kind of cute.

it's called "The King of Bass"

when i showed this one to my sister, she just busted out laughing. when i told her the 'title' of this bass ("The King of Bass") she just laughed some more. and when i explained to her that making something like this is a LOT of hard work (carving the mane must have taken forever!), i think that just made this bass seem even more like a bad idea. okay - i can't say i want one, but nonetheless, it's quite interesting to look at and i find that headstock (shaped like a lion's paw)...well, 'amusing'.

thanks to Jamie H. for sending us the link to this bass and other amusing creations - http://www.exoticguitars.com/instruments.html

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