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oh how creepy...

this bizarre story was found on ebay:

Fender Foto-Flame Jazz Bass

The Legend:  As you can see in the pics, the foto-flame design of this Jazz has images of McDonald's "Hamburgler" clearly visible in the finish.   The story goes that one of the graphic artists on the design team for the finish--for whatever reason--integrated the Hamburgler image into his design.  One of his co-workers snitched on him...he was fired.  The giant junk food conglomerate, McDonald's, did not give permission to use one of their closely-protected, reserved images so shipment ceased on the quantity at the warehouse.  Several hundred pieces, however, got out prior to the discovery.  Any of the Jazz Foto-flames stand on their own as being an excellent quality bass, produced by now-defunct Fender Japan, and is designed with 60's features.   This one has the extra notoriety of being a bass that should have never been shipped in the first place--one that contains the unlicensed likeness of a protected corperate image.  In all, three images appear on the back of the neck--on the headstock, in the middle of the scale, and near the heel.

i dunno - i definately see some kind of picture in the imitation-flame,but i can't remember what the hamburgler looked like. is that him?

the blue flash!

ah, those colors - there's no shape so ugly that an awful paint job can't make worse. and this one is ugly in both directions - now how special is that? maybe you're thinking that this isn't the most ergonomic bass you've ever seen (judging by where the straps are attatched you're supposed to wear it like a big pendant) - but that's ok: if you start feeling nervous about having such a large pointy object dangling from your neck, you can instantly free yourself by hitting one of those large, plastic quick-release fasteners. the bass will be hitting the floor in less than a second - cool!


what happens when you surgically join a crappy guitar to an equally crappy bass? is the crap-factor merely doubled or does it rise exponentially? what about if you paper-maché old, rotting newspapers all over it with elmer's glue? better? *sigh* this one was sent to us by sean delcambre, who found it on ebay (of course), with only the following warning - "brace yourself, this is pretty sickening..." that really made me laugh.

here's the item's description from the auction:

"Here's a real piece of Americana for you.  Some time, long, long ago, a creative individual decided to piece together this Framus guitar and a Segova Jazz bass copy.  I will guarantee this to be a one of a kind instrument that is both a conversation piece--and a real playable musical instrument.  The Framus 3-pickup guitar has a set-neck (not a bolt-on) and has some wonderful tone combinations via the two rotary pickup selector switches.  I couldn't find a bad tone on it.  The Segova seems to have no output out of one of the pickups so it's being sold as is.  The pickup that works sounds like it's working properly though.  As you can see, the bodies were covered in newsprint and then lacquered over with something.  On the back there is some blue spray paint, as if they were trying to give it a blue-burst finish.   You'll notice an ingenious "supporting bar" between the two guitars which was added to give extra rigidity I guess.  All in all, it's a solid piece that, whatever it lacks in practical value, makes up for in conversational value.  It is, of course, being sold "as is" but I guarantee it to be playable as described.  NO RESERVE so bid to win!..."

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