BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 23.
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a very special bass, just for you

a whole page dedicated to just one bass? why? maybe because it brings new meaning to the word 'lame'. this bass was being sold on ebay (no comment). it's just totally, utterly, profoundly pathetic - i mean, just look at it:

the caption for this picture read: "ez-access to all controls". i suppose this is true: look - you can just reach your hand down and touch the knobs with your fingers. easy access indeed. anyway, here's the back of the bass:

this picture was captioned "solid walnut construction". the control cavity cover looks like it was made from a piece of aluminum foil, or maybe hammered flat from a pot-lid. even the strap button is on the wrong side... *sigh* then here's a picture of the headstock:

the caption read: "tuning mechanism" yes, a hideously ugly 'tuning mechanism'. and what kind of lining is that glued in on the inside of the case? felt? styrofoam?

"quality workmanship". great job. amazing - it's even uglier from the back. hey, those are schaller tuning machines! *lol* definately pro-quality all the way. i find the case amusing too:

here is its "custom carrying case". are you impressed? look at the hinges. i've seen those kinds of latches used to secure windows! *lol* This next one is captioned "fits like a glove":

ahhh, yes. luxurious. and see those glued-on styrofoam pads? that's road-worthy stuff. here's the last picture:

it's the handle on the bass's case. as you can see, it looks just like those roller-thingies that's supposed to hold toilet paper on. isn't it ironic?

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