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a few dumb designs for our guitar-playing buddies

i know BunnyBass is supposed to be all about basses, but from time to time someone'll send us a guitar that just makes me laugh and i gotta post it. i thought i should share some of them with you. so here they are, in no particular order...

the mcswain space guitar...

space guitar

i've been staring for weeks at the symbolism carved into the face of this guitar, but i'm still baffled. between the pickups - a huge, glowing egg with sperm on all sides trying to pierce its cell-wall; a large white (albino?) sperm making an elegant arch to its left; upper left - a red-orange bowling ball; lower left - the middle-east / east africa region; upper right corner - two kissing clams ...what does it mean? what??

(this guitar, like the dracula and norton ones below, are from Cliff Suttle's article at Harmony Central - thanks Cliff!)

the squished 'peanut'...

squished peanutfat peanut
this is one of those guitars that i think looks real stupid when it's just sitting there all by itself, but i bet it'd look pretty neat if it were straped on and being played (i could be wrong). just for fun, i asked jon to fatten the peanut up and make it yellow-green (one of my favorite colors) - i think it looks cute like this. now it kinda looks like a 6 string ukelele or something. neat huh?

norton S-model guitar...

norton s

are pop-out / fold-in playdoh body parts the wave of the future? or is it just another lameass idea that should have been sent to the round filing cabinet? i hate it. (Photograph by Cliff Suttle)

OOOoooOO, scaaaaary...


*blink blink* lame idea, lousy execution. dracula looks teeny and not-scary at all. i give it an F+ (extra point for the nice colored fuzzy-wavy stuff inside the 'coffin'). (Photograph by Cliff Suttle)



cute - i like it! looks pretty big though - judging from the size of the bridge and pickups, that thing must be twice as wide as a standard electric guitar! i think the sound that pacman makes when he eats dots (wakawakawakawaka...) is my all-time favorite video game sound effect ever. do you know that sound that i'm talking about?

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