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the greatest metal bass ever?

snake warlock

i can't look at this picture without feeling a little bit sad for the person who ordered it. in my opinion, stock warlocks are awful enough. to have a bright red, snakeskin patterned one custom built is just so fucked up. the alien sticker certainly doesn't help. and to think that this guy (i'm sorry, but i'm pretty sure it was a guy) thought he'd 'complete the package' by buying bright red accesories (strap, cord)... *gag*. i'm sure he would have bought a red string winder too, if he could have found one.

novax basses

novax 5pelican

these basses are kinda interesting. novax has been around a while, and these fanned-fret designs really aren't as hard to play or adjust to as you may think. the one on the left looks okay to me, but the one on the right... well, um... i can't get into the way they laid out the tuning machines - it's clumsy looking. i keep looking at this woman's right hand position / technique - pretty interesting huh? i dunno who she is, but i like her - she looks friendly.


stepneck bass

this is victor wooten's 'step neck bass'. i can't see what the headstock says but judging from the body shape, it looks like a read bass. note the tuning machines hidden under the bridge - clever huh?

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