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this one took an ugly pill. obviously, ugly comes in many shapes and sizes. this is a wittman bass. i've seen other wittman basses that aren't as ugly as this one, and i've been told that they play and sound great. *shrug* they come with neat things like 'spinstraps' and built in 'protuners', but i still don't want one - there is such a thing as 'too ugly'. i think i've used the word 'ugly' enough times here. moving on...

how cute! how annoying!

tiny bass

our e-pal john morga sent this picture, supposedly of the world's smallest electric bass, in the world's smallest electric bass case:

>OK, here's a bass that "Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys" can
>get down with..... and the hard shell case is included.

if you're dying to have one, you can probably find one on ebay (a.k.a., amusing bass heaven).

One of a kind 5 string bass?


Here's some pictures that were sent to us by our e-pal Sam. I actually laughed out loud when I saw this one. A bass that's also a gigantic arrow? Who thinks of such things? (I know, Robbin David does) Hmm. And there's something about the "A" and the "R" on the headstock pushed together to create a little arrow- shape that's quietly depressing to me. I mean, it's such a small gesture, but it's just SO lame.

the ultimate heavy metal bass?

metal bass

guh. so dumb.

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