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the jazz-bass pickguard fairy

fairy pickguard

someone throw the girl a sweater - she's obviously chilly. oh hey, you know what? i think that fairy looks a lot like rose mcgowan - what do you think?

rose mcgowan and marilyn manson

that's her with her boyfriend, marilyn manson (he's the one on the left). do you see the resemblance?

hey - actually, i think m.m. bears a strong resemblance to someone i know too:

left side - marilyn manson, right side - keith. or, is that the other way around? it's just so hard to tell...

ah, yes - the double life of keith!

his wife loves the plastic blob

plastic blob

i'm still scratching my head over this one:

>Hi Mimi! Thanks for your response. Here's another 'beauty'
>that I found on the net:   "Malinosky Custom Made Fretless"
>Beautifully crafted 2 piece poplar body is surf green on
>lavender, right out of Bedrock! Showed it to my wife, and
>she LOVES it. It is very different, the colors are cool,
>and I like the 'organic' shape...certainly a major departure
>from the norm. Would probably buy it too...but for $1,495? NO
>WAY! lol   Just thought you might appreciate it.
>Take care, Brooks

the porn bass

porn bass

this lovely bass was found on ebay (of course. thanks max!) here's an excerpt of the description:

>Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you'll all be
>talking for a llllllong time when you see all the pics on THIS
>badass bass! I don't even have to talk this one up--I'll just let
>the pics do the talking, but just take notice of the sticker on
>the back plate--funny, huh? This bass sounds HUGE on stage and,
>obviously, will grab everyone's attention!

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