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Aurswald bass


Hmm. That fingerboard is certainly..."interesting" *makes quotation finger- gestures* ...partly fretted, partly fretless...alright, that's "interesting" too i guess *does it again* ...I'm not crazy about the "rough hewn" look...caveman weapon-bass...? Oh Hey!! I used to have shoes like that when I was in intermediate school! Alright!!!

Roscoe Skyscraper

roscoe skyscraper

This is a Roscoe bass (yes, this is by the same Mr. Roscoe that builds those beautiful high-end basses nowadays). Stop laughing, I'm serious. You can kind of see the similarity of the body shape - well, you have to make believe you don't see big hole... there, see it? This is a hot rodded bass: three pickups, three throw switches (with LED's, mind you), a bunch of knobs, nifty 70's race-car graphics, AND a big hole. The hole allows you to...carry it around like a...briefcase?

(visit the roscoe website! they are wonderful guys. they do not, however, still offer the skyscraper bass as part of their current line. perhaps you can beg them to reissue it?)


watermelon bass

This is one of my favorite amusing basses so far! I love it! Thanks Mike!

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