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Bunny Guitar

bunny guitar

This strange little guitar was sent to us by Nate. There's something a little creepy about this guitar but I can't put my finger on it. Real bunnies are cute. Chocolate bunnies are cute. Stuffed toy bunnies are cute. Even those tiny ceramic bunnies that people put in their display cabinets are cute. So why does this guitar seem so 'un-cute', sinister, and grotesque? Is it the vacant stare? The guitar neck violently thrusting out from bunny's chest? The stiff-as-rigor-mortis gesture? The just-run-over-by-a-car flatness? What?

The Mighty-Pointy 12.


Oh my goodness. Nathan Enders sent us this picture. I think someone did this on Photoshop. I wonder if this bass was ever made? It kinda looks like a fish...or a duck-head...god it really is hideous.

The Fender Pear

fender pear

Do people actually plan to do these things to their basses? When they do stuff like this, how do they know when they're done? Or do they just start lopping parts off and hope that they'll end up with something more attractive than what they started with? So fascinating...  (Thanks to Paul B. for sending us this one.)

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