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All's well that ends well...
"Sad Little Yamaha"

sad yamaha

this little bass is going to tug on your heartstrings. you'd have to have a soul of ice not to let this one choke you up even a little. call it mutilated, handicapped, or just sculpturally-impaired, this brave little bass just wants to be loved. our e-pal nathan enders alerted us to this charity case on ebay last week:

"This is one weird guitar. At one point it belonged to one of NJ's ska/punk bands 'The Bouncing Souls' IT has since been altered... a lot. The paint has a light misting of silver sparkles on it, one of the 'horns' has been removed and half of the neck is fretless! It still plays and sounds ok, and I'll throw in some used strings to make a full set."

"throw in some used strings"? how condescending. but don't cry - this story has a happy ending - in an outpouring of good will, seven compassionate people stepped up and bid on this bass - the winning bid: $71.00. here's one bass that'll be sleeping in front of a toasty warm fireplace this christmas. *sniff*

What kind of bass is this?


(Terry sent this picture to us.)

Mr. Fenkel's bass dulcimer...

bass dulcimer

Ever seen a bass dulcimer before? I never seen one before our e-pal Johnny send us a lead on one that had been on ebay. I thought it was really neat. Fascinated, I e-mailed Mr. Fenkel (the man who makes them (and other stringed instruments) and he replied with some information:

"I had to build this bass dulcimer a little stronger than I normally do. Dulcimer strings are really small, but these bass strings have a lot of tension. The spacing is the same as on a traditional dulcimer, but it is tuned DADD. The largest string is a 53 and I think the smallest 2 were 23...I wish I could tell you something about the playing of it. I really only play a guitar and nobody else I know has ever heard of a bass dulcimer either. As far as the sound quality, it's clear and really loud. With any of my electric dulcimers you're able to entertain a big crowd just because of the fact that you can plug it in."

Sounds totally fascinating to me - now I wanna play one! You can visit Mr. Fekel's webpage at: http://www.angelfire.com/la2/elloree/
P.S. - Mrs. Fenkel makes a quilted gigbag for these instruments. I wish I had a picture of that too!

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