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BassLab Basses

green basslab bass

yellow basslab bass

Andy from Canada sent us these basses to check out. You have to visit this website, seriously. You can visit the weirdness at: http://www.basslab.de/gallery_e.html. These basses are WAY bizarre. The yellow one is a bit too weird for me, but I find the green one strangely appealing. I like the way the whole bass looks like it was made from one piece of cheap plastic (wait...that sounds like an insult - I don't mean it as an insult...) and I like the way it looks as if it's twisting...like it's dancing or something. Funny!

Ancient tail-tuned white bass?

I don't know anything about this one. It just came to us with the curious title above (also from andy). It looks like some kind of Treker model? It looks just like the oven mitt that I bake cookies with, or like one of those ghosts that chase pacman around. I don't know what else to say about this thing.

Anal probe, anyone?

stethescope + bass

Here's another one sent to us by our pal Andy. He says the stethoscope is "so you can check if you are well after spending the $$$." If anyone knows something about this intriguing little instrument...ah, never mind.

Note - I just got an e-mail regarding this little picture: "Your "anal probe" bass...appears to be a "Traveler Guitar" (http://www.travelerguitar.com) I was a regular at the local shop in Redlands where these were born. I tell you this not becuase I'm proud, but to explain exactly why it is that I know this." Thanks Dave! Okay, now we can all rush out and buy one...

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