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What is this thing?


Johnny Newman sent us this bass to check out...hmmm. how do you play this? slide? i'm really curious to hear what it sounds like. it's kind of artsy looking, nice photograph. ooo, i just imagined the hardshell case for this thing - woof.

Heckler Bass

heckler bass

according to it's (ebay) description, this bass was built by Matt Heckler. look, it's even signed by Matt Heckler on the back - must be a famous guy. my favorite design element on this bass is the little piece of black plastic under the volume knob - see it? it's the same shape as the body of the bass, only upside down. i can only say 'wow'.

Jackson Bass

jackson 4

i have seen so many jacksons with ugly pictures on them - lightning, broken glass, polka dots, real mirrors, monsters, dragons, naked women...you name it. this one is a little different in the sense that it's ugly AND i don't know what it's supposed to be. zippers? Frankenstein stitching? alien runways? ugh, someone make these things go away.

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