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Atlansia bass

i wish i had a closer-up picture of this bass - strange huh? it's sorta a bizarre mutation of lotsa things put together: part F-bass, part robot-space ship transformer, part General Electric toaster oven, but also kinda like one of those fancy chairs you sit on at the dentist. Weeeeird...

6/18/2000: ok, i finally found out more about mr.hayashi, the man who designs these basses. his website is really worth a look, very interesting! some of his designs are pretty 'way out there' - there's even one bass that's kinda like a box on wheels that you sit in... i'm serious! go look! one of my favorites is his one-string bass, called the solitaire - cool!

Weird Ibanez 4 string

weird ibanez

another amusing ebay bass. i'm gonna let the seller tell you all about the bass, cuz s/he does a real good job:

"What is that thing? By the serial number, it's a 1977 Ibanez jazz bass copy. Functionally, it's EXACTLY like a Fender, only with enough cosmetic changes so Ibanez could avoid a lawsuit. The bass features "f-hole thru the headstock" construction. I guess you put your cigarette in there or something. Seriously, this bass has some of the most BEAUTIFUL inlay work I've ever seen, all up the neck, in the headstock, and in the pickguard. The pickguard "screamin' chicken" inlay would look PERFECT on a 79 Trans-Am! Ibanez went way overboard. The bass comes strung with SIT Silencers (semi-flatwounds) and sounds just like a j-bass should - deep deep deep. It is in perfect working order. It has two large belt buckle wear spots on the back, but otherwise is in excellent condition. This bass is all orginal EXCEPT the "ashtray" bridge cover which I added into existing screwholes. I don't know what the original one would have looked like. I do not have an original case, but the bass will ship with a junky padded gig bag. Lucky winner pays shipping from Akron Ohio. Personal check or money order. Good luck and YEE-HAW!!!!"

Ken Bebensee 4 string

bebensee 4

that's some fine carving, don't you think? i'm not crazy about the overall shape of this thing (looks like a petrified corn flake to me), but i just haven't seen a bass this 3-D before, and i like 3-D things in general. in my mind, this bass is right up there with viewmasters and pop-up storybooks. i'm hoping that i'll be seeing more radical three-dimensional sculpting on basses in the future. i'm aware that not everyone feels this way, though - i showed this picture to my friend, and all she had to say about it was that it "looks like a fat ass". i guess i see it too, but i still like it lots. please check out ken bebensee's web page - it's a nice site with lots of pictures of some really great woodwork. ^_^ good!

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