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Custom G&L 4 String

custom g&l

what the...? don't drop this bass in the grass or you'll never find it again. but it's so wretchedly ugly maybe that's a good thing.

the World's Ugliest Zon...?

ugliest zon?

yep. next!

Gibson Victory Bass...Headstocks

victory headstocks

i found these being auctioned on ebay. severed headstocks, that's it. they ended up being sold for a high bid of $11.02 (i have no idea if this is a good price for severed Gibson headstocks or not...). the item's description reads:

"Buyer Pays $6 for Shipping and Insurance...Please Pay within 3 days of winning auction so we can get this to you before Christmas...Thank You and Have a Wonderfull Christmas."

insurance? i had to giggle when i read this. i think the sense of urgency to get these headstocks delivered before christmas is amusing too. i'm imagining little johnny and dottie waking up on christmas morning to find these in their christmas stockings. whee!

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