BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 4.
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The Chain Bass

chain bass

this bass is just so gross. not only is it ugly, it has a broken headstock and a stupid painting of a chain on it too. plus, the case is so small the headstock has to stick out even when it's closed. what's the point? (wouldn't it be funny if the headstock broke while the owner tried to wrestle the bass into it's undersized case?) but the cat is real pretty. ^_^

Important safety instructions for THE STING.

the sting

1)  Do not operate THE STING without safety goggles.
2)  Never run while wearing THE STING. Always walk.
3)  Do not make sudden movements while wearing THE STING.
4)  Never point THE STING at another person. Injury may result.
5)  No horseplay while wearing THE STING. THE STING is a dangerous weapon - it is NOT A TOY.

Eagle inlay, or...?

eagle inlay

don't get me wrong - Warrior basses are finely crafted instruments, no doubt about it. but what happens when a highly skilled inlay artist doesn't know how to draw? flying fish?

Bloody Bich

bloody bich

"This my bass. I want you think me scary. Blood is scary. Blood make you think of death and pain. I put fake blood on my bass. You see blood, you see me, you put together in your mind, you be scared of me, I feel happy."
(visual translation courtesy of mimi)

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