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Ugly Paddle-Thing

stupid paddle

what's wrong with this bass? well, besides everything, nothing. a keen observer will notice the chipped and unfilled fretslots in the balsa-like fingerboard and deduce that this piece of crap was once fretted. it is now fretless crap. then there's the functionless X-acto knife pickguard - yuck. to top it all off, there's a mother-of-toiletseat inlay on the headstock - a clumsy little line drawing of a wretched little head with grossly extruded lips - very bizarre. someone actually took the time to inlay this? why? jon found this "bass" (i'm uneasy using that word to describe this object) on sale at Daddy's Junky Music in Boston. the price tag reads $249. i'll buy it if i get to whack the creator upside the head with it.

The Spector NSX

spector nsx

Everyone knows that Ned Steinberger is a brilliant designer. The XL bass, the TransTrem tremolo system, and more recently, the awesome Steinberger Electric Upright are just a few of his design marvels. Lots of people also know that Ned Steinberger designed the beautiful and functional curved body of the Spector NS-2, one of the most graceful and influential bass designs since Leo's Jazz. So does the man ever have an off day? Consider the little atrocity on the left. Apparently a collaboration between Ned Steinberger and Stewart Spector gone awry, this thing manages to break all kinds of new ground in design contradictions - it's small AND clunky, reductive AND hideously overdesigned, refined AND Frankenstein-like. What happened? Too much beer? I'm sure it's unfair for me to be poking fun at this bass just because it didn't measure up to Mr.Steinberger's other excellent creations, but when he saw how sick this one turned out, why didn't he just bury it in the woods someplace? ~mimi

Unidentified Strange Fruit...

strange fruit

After mysteriously receiving this picture via annonymous e-mail, I showed this picture to five of my friends. Their comments:

--"That is SO wrong. Oh, my lord, no."
--[very long pause] "I...hate it."
--"That is seriously fucking ugly."
--"I think I like it. It looks like a large fruit of some kind. I like fruit. Yah, I really like it." <-- jon

It figures that Jon would like this bass - he's always had a taste for the bizarre. Personally, I'm not crazy about the contours of this bass, but the top IS quite beautiful, and I like the way the carved top compliments the 'roundness' of the overall shape - it's so...'pregnant'! ^_^ My guess is that this design wasn't meant to please everyone, but that's certainly okay. Whether you think this bass is strangely beautiful or just strange, don't you think the world is a more interesting place with basses that look like big fruit? If anyone knows where I can find a bass like this, please let me know. I have a certain friend who's fixated on this thing.

Note: Our pals Colin Meeder, Fred Hodshon, and Nathan Enders all sent us a bit of info about the "fruit bass" when they saw the above entry. Here's some info just in case you wanted to know: "The fretless is a WM, built by Will Miller, who's in New Mexico, I think. I think it's gorgeous, and I read on another website (Luthier's Access Group; can't remember the URL) that it's got passive electronics - just a Lane Poor pick-up, a volume, and a tone. I know from my own bass that passive Lane Poors sound big and beautiful. I'm so macho that I have no tone control on mine, just volume and pick-up pan." Cool.

Musicvox Spaceranger Bass.


This isn't me messing around with Photoshop again, this is a real bass that you can actually buy and own. Really. Go visit the musicvox site at www.musicvox.com (proof!) or e-mail designer/company owner Matt Eichen at Guitar@musicvox.com. And please - don't send him hate mail! Word is that his bizarre little creations actually play and sound really good. They're just ugly, okay? This one looks like some kind of internal organ - is anyone missing a stomach? For those of you too lazy to visit the site on your own, I brought back something to share with you...(I love it that the Musicvox folks would include this on their site - I like them already!):

...a journalist from Sweden (a country famous for sober industrial design aesthetics, sex toys and ABBA) was out-and-out pissed off about the Spaceranger. "He walked up to the instrument, stared at the headstock and the body, shook his head and said - in broken English - "Why you did this? Why you did such a thing? What is the purpose of this?"
         - MAXIMUM GUITAR (Sept 1997, page 140)

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