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'bass' or 'bass'?

Now here's something that caught my attention at ebay. Whenever I do a search for 'bass', I have to browse through listings for both kinds of bass - bass (the instrument) and bass (the fish). Usually I find myself wishing that there was a way to ignore all the fish-stuff. But once in a while I accidentally stumble across something that I think is really neat:

bass in frame

VERY OLD & RARE MOUNTED BIG BASS. This Bass was caught around the turn of the century. Frame is sold oak and measures 33x25" with beautiful hand blown Bubble Glass. Beautiful hand painted background with real lilly pads and bull rushes wide frame.

The idea of a 100 year old fish forever frozen in its eternal leap out of its pond kinda blows my mind. I mean, this is as close to immortality as a fish can get - in an odd sort of way, one could even argue that this particular bass was LUCKY to be caught and stuffed! And don't you think there's something strangely comforting to know that your favorite big bass is happily sailing through the air 24/7 behind it's protective Bubble Glass? You know, this is actually giving me a good idea...

bunny in frame
Yes...I like it!

1991 Custom Ibanez 4 String

custom ibanez

The first time I saw this bass, I hated it. But after looking at it on and off for a few weeks, something strange started to happen. I started to genuinely like it. Then suddenly the feeling wore off and now I hate it again. Maybe it's the pasty alien who looks like he's grabbing the volume knob with his weird alien hand. Or maybe it's my sense of disappointment that anyone would glue a men's bathroom sign on a bass in a feeble attempt to make a bass look 'cool'. I found this thing on ebay (*sigh*) and the description says that this 'Custom' Ibanez "received a custom paint job by underground cult artist, Chad Crume in '93" and also was "autographed by Porn Legend, Christy Canyon"... Now I know what you're thinking - 'How can Mimi not love a bass that was touched by greatness not once, but TWICE?' Well, I could care less who Chad Crume is, but I have to admit that any bass lucky enough to be fondled by a porn actress (excuse me, porn LEGEND) with a name like Christy Canyon IS kinda interesting. Her autograph is kinda thought-provocative too - it reads ""I need your hands on my strings..." - which I suppose is actually kinda odd - it appears that Christy thinks she's the bass guitar? I don't get it. Anyway, I did an internet search for a picture of the aforementioned porn LEGEND (hey, I got curious) - and here she is:
christy canyon
I'm not sure if the plaid bikini ensemble really 'goes with' the savage- nature-jungle motif (dig that grass font), but Christy does look like a sweet girl. I like her. I hope her back is feeling better though - see how much pain she's in? But even with her autograph, I still think this bass sucks (no pun intended). ~mimi

A Pair of Home-Made Beauties

oh         ugh...

If you're like me, you've thought about building your own bass at some point or another. Well here are a couple of basses to inspire you. Inspire you to forget about it and go out and buy a professionally built bass, that is. Granted, not all home-built basses are this ugly, but that doesn't matter. What matters here is that we laugh at these two hateful examples of do-it- yourself losership. Who would unleash these evil twins upon the world? I mean, if you made something this awful, would you then have the nerve to turn around and try to SELL THEM? Granted, I'm being very snotty here. I'm sure it's hard to build a your own bass. And I'm sure that if I tried, mine would look bad, bad, bad. But I'm sorry - if I made something this hideous (where would you even FIND knobs like those??? A 70's-era 8-track deck?) I wouldn't actually show anyone! Seriously, there are some things that you should feel ashamed about!

Custom Kubicki X-Factor ButtBass

custom buttbass

I usually like Philip Kubicki's X-Factor basses, butt I'm not sure I really like this one. Butt not because of what you might be thinking. I mean, I guess the butt itself is...err...'nice'. Maybe it's just me...butt there seems to something wrong with the picture...no? Isn't something... missing......like...um... her genitals?

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