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You probably don't really care... but just in case you wanted to know a little about the history of this site, here it is...

The story of BunnyBass: the soap opera version.

the BunnyBass website was launched on sunday, july 18, 1999 by three bass-loving friends: Jon, Keith, and Mimi. Soon after going online, Keith fell in love with Kelli (who does not play bass), got married, and was never heard from again (bass-wise). so for a while Jon and Mimi ran the BunnyBass site by themselves, both of them slowly adding new stuff and watching the site get bigger and bigger. Jon would say something like 'hey i found a picture of a really strange bass, let's have an "amusing bass of the month" section', and so they put it up. yup - in the beginning, there was only ONE amusing bass. then another one was found, then another, and then another - and pretty soon there were more amusing basses lined up waiting to get posted than there were months in the year, and so that's when the now famous (infamous?) amusing basses gallery just really got out of hand. then Mimi and Jon said "let's make something stupid like a contest between pictures: we could have a picture of a nice bass fight it out with a picture of a sexy girl or a pizza." and that's where Bass Wars came from. just about this time Nancy started helping Mimi with HTML and scripting stuff, so that the BunnyBass site could have things like interactive comments, a message board, virtual postcards, and so on. then Mimi started having some health problems (famous soap opera hospital scene) and so Mimi started to do less stuff and Nancy started to do more stuff and Jon contiinued to do the Jon stuff (the exact chronology of all of this may be slightly 'off' because our collective memory isn't so good...). somewhere along the line Jon had been in Boston for a while and Nancy had moved to Los Angeles, but the exact details of this is all very uncertain and exceedingly boring. then Mimi and Jon and Nancy, who never stopped doing their real-life non-BunnyBass stuff, by some twist of fate all started to simultaneously have even MORE real life stuff to do, and pretty soon nobody was getting enough sleep and Jon's back was getting really sore from hauling basses everywhere and Nancy was getting bad headaches from staring too long at the computer screeen and so on. meanwhile, back in Hawaii, Mimi was thinking about reading more books and taking more naps. then Nancy found a cat wandering the streets of LA (the cat was), and that was that - she needed more time to play with her beautiful grey cat. Jon also had lots of work to do, having taken on directorship of an education project. so in june, these three friends decided to burn BunnyBass to the ground (Nancy IS quite the pyromaniac) - BUT... before Nancy could find her matches Jon had the idea to ask their mutual friend Harry (who interestingly enough was living in both Berlin and New York City at the same time) if he would be interested in taking over the responsibility of keeping BunnyBass afloat, because you know, Harry is the nicest bass-playing german guy you could ever imagine and a very honest man. and who would have ever guessed that Harry, who had been a friend of BunnyBass since the very beginning and totally fluent in the BunnyBass thought-process would say "yes, that would be good" and that he also would also know two more bass-minded people to bring along for the bunny-ride: bolt-on bass-builder Henner (Paris), and mysterious-quirky-beautiful dancer named Jana (who also lives between New York and Berlin with Harry). so this is how it came to be that in the summer of 2001, these three started their journey as the second generation of directors of this ongoing and evolving experiment named BunnyBass, now taken from a Hawaii bass-thing (that eventually went to Boston and then to Los Angeles) to a transcontinental New York-Paris-Berlin bass-thing. No other bass website has moved around more or featured furry animals to the extent this one has, and this is just the beginning. stay tuned!

BunnyBass is:

This is Harry. He lives with Jana. Harry is originally from Germany, but now he lives in NYC. In his other (i.e., non-BunnyBass) life he is deeply into studio recording, doing lots of music and postproduction, and a lot of his work is made for children. In addition to his first loves (playing bass, recording, composing, Jana) Harry is also a bass historian, very interested in the evolution and psycho-semiotics of exotic basses. As a painter, he sure loves colors, but he doesn't like the idea of covering bass guitars with it. Harry and Henner have been friends for almost twenty years now, with an ongoing philosophical controversy about bass-religion. Harry is so multilaminated, while Henner is such a bolt-on nut. But they both die for sushi.

That's Jana. She is a dancer and a teacher of the Alexandertechnik. Jana loves Modern Dance (Martha Graham) and as a member of the Audio-Ballerinas she is used to playing something like a very strange kind of a bass in her performances. Jana doesn't have any pets (yet?) - so, the bunny next to her is the property of Nancy - but it was love at the very first moment and you never know... Hasen sind so suess!

<-- we're still waiting for a real picture of henner...
That's Henner. Like Harry, he's from Germany, but he fell in love with (in) Paris. Playing bass professionally, he also has a deep interest in bass history, design, and construction, and sometimes he's just too much. He is into animal magnetism, wood-karma and some other strange beliefs, but with some extended low frequencies you can cool him a bit. Having worked for/with several guitar companies, luthiers, and stores, his heart leans towards abandoned and mistreated basses, which he likes to revitalize and let them get into some loving hands. Occasionaly, he makes some fine custom four and five-strings, too. When he was nine, he had a hamster named Bruno (just like Keith's dog). Henner and Harry once lived in a place named Munich, the heart of Bavaria, where everything is about beer and pretzels - even some basses over there are shaped like that.

This is Nancy. She used to do most of the HTML, scripting, and basically all the programming kind of stuff on this website (she's real smart with computers). Nancy's been playing guitar for a few years and is also learning to play bass now. She dun have any pets. One day Nancy's gonna hack the IMF and World Bank computers and bring the whole thing crashing down. Go Nancy! Nancy (mostly) retired from doing BunnyBass stuff on July 30, 2001. Then she got sucked back in bigtime in January 2003 - further proof that you can never truly escape the bunny.

This is Jon. He lives with Nina and Pinky. He used to be a teacher too - art, art theory, and critical social theory (?!?), nowdays he works to develop educational programs. After taking BunnyBass from Honolulu, to Boston, and then to Los Angeles, Jon is finally back home where he started in Hawaii. He's particularly fond of fancy wood, weird or otherwise 'exotic' basses - especially ones with lots of knobs and switches on em. Up until recently Jon did most of the bass photography (now Harry does a lot of that too), all the graphics, and was basically in charge of deciding what this website looks like. He's also the one that comes up with most of the weird ideas for this site.

Semi-retired BunnyBassers:

This is Mimi. She's a schoolteacher in the Hawai'i Public School System, and teaches Social Studies and U.S. History. If you're looking for a good book to read (sorry, she can't resist) she recommends anything by bell hooks, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Zinn. She's been playing bass since she was 10. Mimi had a (real) bunny named Bunny that she used to take for walks on a green leash, but she disappeared... Her 'nowbunny' is named Cornel West. Mimi used to mostly do writing for various parts of this website, as well as lots of e-mail. Nowdays she's semi-retired, but she still contributes a written piece once in a while and helps out when things get really busy.

Very-retired BunnyBassers:

Keith is a dedicated special education teacher by day, but he's a world class weirdo at night. And also during the day. Basically he's just weird all the time. He has an ugly spiderweb tattoo on his shoulder and lives with his wife Kelli (hi Kelli!) and a nice dog named Bruno. Keith likes classic designs in bass guitars, like Fenders, Hofners, Rickenbackers, and of course, B.C. Rich Warlock basses in hot pink (Keith misses the 80's...). Keith retired himself from bunnybass activities after doing it for about... um, maybe 4 months.

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