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Hello To Everyone and Happy New Year from Bunnyland!-We certainly hope that everyone had a great time over the holidays. We also hope that you all received a lot of money for Christmas gifts and are ready to buy bunnybass basses and guitars! The more you buy from us the more that we can buy for you to look at and buy again. You see-it's just a vicious cycle that never ends and we are certainly not complaining. - jimmy-01-03-05 (Monday)

We are excited about getting another Alembic Series I bass on the site. This one is a really nice 1974 model that has been extremely well maintained. Take a look for yourself by clicking the link here. This bass is constructed of an oak body with teak as the back and top. According to the folks at Alembic, this was not used very often, so this one is somewhat out of the ordinary. Sounds and plays just like a great classic Series I should, there is no mistake about that. - jimmy-01-03-05 (Monday)

We now have a new addition to our guitars store. Check out the Hugh Manson six string electric. This one comes from UK world renowned guitar maker Hugh Manson who has constructed guitars for Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Oasis and others. A little different looking instrument that is in excellent condition considering it's twenty years of existence. - jimmy-01-09-05 (Sunday)

It is always a pleasure to feature on of George Furlanetto's basses on the BunnyBass store site. We placed a new sunburst BN5 on the site a few days ago and want to invite everyone to take a look at this excellent bass! - jimmy-02-05-05 (Saturday)

We have added another great instrument from Ryan Gadow Of Gadow Guitars to our store. This is an "entry level " priced guitar that is beautifully constructed and has excellent sound and playability. Take a look at the Classic Tremolo Prototype Evil Cherry six string and see for yourself. - jimmy-02-08-05 (Tuesday)

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