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   The history of BunnyBass from November 2003 until August 2004-Hello to everyone out there in BunnyLand from here in Bunnyville! Many of you may be a bit confused about exactly what happened to BunnyBass. I will try to bring everyone who is interested up to speed. The former BunnyBass team had decided that they would have a huge instrument clearance sale, shut down the BunnyBass site (supposedly forever) and leave only the BBMIA (BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archives). This took place around November of 2003. However, there was one fly in the ointment to that plan, namely me! I discovered the BunnyBass site around September of 2003 and just thought it was the best site going for information and instrument purchases. Over the period of the next few months, I purchased quite a few basses from the guys, exchanged al lot of emails and had many phone conversations with them. and during the process, got to know Harry and Jon pretty well (as well as can be done by phone and emails). About December of 2003, I purchased one more bass from Jon and we somehow got into a conversation about the site. He mentioned that they really had not decided whether to just let it go for good or maybe sell it to another individual. I suggested that maybe they might consider selling it to me. After a few months of negotiations, Harry and I arrived at a deal, with Jon's help and the sale was completed on March 15, 2004. BunnyBass returned to the internet on May 20, 2004 and we are extremely glad to be back! My name is Jimmy, I am a resident of North Carolina and a highly experienced bassist and musician. I am working with a good friend of mine by the name of Kim who is also a North Carolina resident and a highly experienced guitarist and musician. Kim is assisting me with sales for the BunnyBass store and is very knowledgeable about basses, guitars and in general what all you guitar and bass players are looking for. We hope to get some pictures and bios about ourselves out on the Who We Are page shortly. So there you have it-we hope this sheds some light on what has transpired over the last nine months in the life of BunnyBass. We are looking forward to hearing from all you former BunnyBassers as well as you new ones! ~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

  Now that you have been given a little history of what happened to BunnyBass and how we came back around, we want to let you in on some new updates. First, we have been fortunate enough to acquire two new builders who will be represented by BunnyBass. The first is Pete Skjold of Skjold Design. Pete is a professional bassist who began designing basses for himself. Because of the positive feedback he received from other professional bassists, he began building basses for others who would appreciate the same qualities that he valued in his instrument. Pete's shop is located in Lewisville, Texas and you can visit his website by clicking on the address here We will be receiving one of Pete's basses in a few days. The bass is a Stage Series, four string, fretted. So, keep looking for this bass to be listed on the BunnyBass store site very shortly. The next new builder that we will be working with is Cliff Bordwell of CB Basses. Cliff is also a professional bassist who finds making basses for musicians who are looking for that one amazing instrument one of the most gratifying things he has ever come across in his life (other than being married, of course). Cliff is located in Florida and you can visit his website by clicking on the address here Cliff has a new concept for a chambered six string frettless bass and will begin working on this bass for us soon. We will keep you informed of the progress. So-stay tuned! ~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

While on the subject of builders, for those of you who remember DC Olson and the Butterscotch Blonde four string bass that was on the site previously (which I am happy to say that I purchased), we should be receiving one or possibly two new basses from DC next week. One of the basses is a four string, natural finish, ash body, flame maple board, and black hardware with a little different cutaway and the other is a five string, spalted maple, flame maple board, also with black hardware. DC says the spalted maple on the five string is some of the blackest he has ever seen. Also, DC mentioned that he used a special wire for the controls on the five string and the sound is fantastic. So, be looking for these basses to hit the BB site soon!. ~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

In case you haven't noticed, one new feature we are trying out on the BunnyBass instrument description pages is placing MP3 file links under the main pictures. These are noted by the word Listen. Click on Listen and this will give you some idea of what the bass sounds like with a drum/bass groove line. The bass is run straight into a Fostex MR-8 recorder with no effects or EQ (save for maybe a little reverb). We want to keep it clean and simple and let the bass just be itself. Give us your opinion on the MP3 files. Let us know whether you like them, don't like them or if they don't really make a difference either way. You can email us at with your response. ~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

Please be sure and check out the Kinal Kompact Bass that was placed out on the site for sale about a week ago. It is really a cool acoustic/electric bass from builder Mike Kinal of Vancouver, BC. Also, a couple of guitars that are worth a look is the Gibson 1957 ES 175D and the Gibson Les Paul Class 5 Re-Issue. These are both very fine instruments and we would love to find new homes for them. Maybe BunnyBass is sort of like an adoption service?~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

T-Shirts and Work Shirts- We have had a few people inquire about BunnyBass T-Shirts. If all goes well, we should be receiving our T-shirts next week. The shirts will be black with a red BunnyBass logo such as the one you see when you click on the basses page in the upper left hand corner (the little bass playing bunny). We also have work shirts available now if you are interested in purchasing one. These are also black, short sleeved, with the BunnyBass patch on the front (ala a mechanic's shirt) and a small BunnyBass logo (once again the bass playing bunny) on the back. For a look at the work shirts, you can see the former BunnyBass team wearing them by clicking on the link here for the BunnyBass Field Trip-2003 NAMM Show. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt or a work shirt, please contact us at ~ jimmy 7.31.2004 (Saturday)

We mentioned a few weeks ago, that we would be receiving a new bass from Pete Skjold of Skjold Design in Lewisville, Texas. We are happy to say that the Stage Series 4 "Silver Leaf" bass arrived Monday and we were able to place the instrument on the BunnyBass store site rather quickly. It 's a beauty and we hope to to have many more form Pete in the future. - jimmy 8-12-04 (Thursday)

One bass that we didn't mention previously (that's because we didn't know we were going to have the opportunity to acquire one for BB until Monday) is a beautiful Fodera Monarch 4 New Standard bass. We have received quite a few inquiries about Fodera basses and we feel very fortunate to be able to present this bass for sale on the BB store site. So, please have a look! - jimmy 8-12-04 (Thursday)

The T-Shirts are here! Black Beefy T's with the red BunnyBass logo (bass playing bunny) on the back and front. We have small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. The price for the T-shirts will be $15. If you would like to get one, please email us. We plan to have photos in the musical accessories section soon. - jimmy 8-12-04 (Thursday)

We are happy to report that we are beginning to build up our guitar inventory on the BunnyBass Store site. We have added two new listings on the site this week. The first is in the new guitars section (thanks goodness we could finally remove that message about the BunnyBass clearance sale). It is a really cool instrument from Mike Kinal named the Kompact Guitar. You will want to check this one out especially if you love to carry your guitar along on trips. This little baby will even fit in the overhead luggage bin of a jetliner! The second addition is in the used guitar section and is a beautiful Larrivee 12 string with custom inlays. If you are a12 string fancier, please have a look at this guitar. It is 12 years old and in near mint condition. - jimmy 8-15-04 (Sunday)

The DC Olson natural four string bass is now on the BunnyBass store site. Please take some time to check out this excellent bass. If you are a jazz bass player, you will love this instrument. Great sound and really light at seven pounds. DC is a super builder who knows how to achieve that "played-in" feel from a brand new bass. - jimmy 8-22-04 (Sunday)

We have added three wonderful instruments in our guitar store section. The first is a Takamine Hirade E-9 Acoustic/ Electric. Then take a look at the Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion that was once owned by the late Toy Caldwell of the Marshall Tucker Band. Also the Gibson ES-335 '59 Dot Re-Issue is a great guitar for you six string players to consider for your collection. - jimmy 9-03-04 (Friday)

A new arrival on the guitars and other instruments store section is a beautiful Kinal Standard Telecaster with a flamed maple top. We are always glad to feature an instrument from Mike. He consistently builds them to a high standard of excellence and this one is no exception-so take a look! - jimmy 9-28-04 (Tuesday)

We finally have our first items in the Musical Accessories section of the bunnybass store-whoopee! We have two BunnyBass Limited Edition Reunion Blues Leather Giigbags. You will certainly want these to protect that beloved bass or guitar that you just purchased from BunnyBass (hint-hint). We will be adding more items in the future so be ever vigilant my friends. - jimmy 9-28-04 (Tuesday)

Big News For The BBMIA---We are in the process of making the BBMIA a free site! You will still need to email us to obtain a permanent user I.D. and password but the old format of a charge of $4.95 on your credit card for thirty days will be eliminated. We hope to begin sending out newsletters to all BBMIA members soon. So, please be patient as we are just beginning to implement this change. - jimmy 9-28-04 (Tuesday)

Hello to all out there in Bunnyland! It has been a while since we have posted any news on this page, so we will try to catch up a bit. The BBMIA is now free to all! Seems as though everyone is really enjoying the change as we are issuing quite a number of passwords and usernames. So, if you would like to become a member please drop us an email and we will be glad to add you to the members list. - jimmy-11-02-04 (Tuesday)

We have just placed two incredible Ritter Roya basses on the bunnybass store site. You must see them to believe them. First, check out the Ritter Roya 4 string-burlmaple and next for you five string players, take a look at the Ritter Roya 5 string-flamed maple-ocean turquoise. Jens Ritter is really quite talented as a builder and if you have the chance to play one of his basses, be sure not to miss the experience. - jimmy-11-02-04 (Tuesday)

On the guitars store site, we have a beautiful Kinal Standard Telecaser-quilburst six string. This guitar came back to us as a consignment but was on the site last year as a new instrument. A really cool guitar with a different pickup configuration from the norm. - jimmy-11-02-04 (Tuesday)

Hello everyone and a happy belated Thanksgiving to all! BunnyBass is very proud to announce that we are now an official dealer and representative for Keith Roscoe and Roscoe Guitars. Keith is a very well known and respected luthier and we feel fortunate to be working with him, The best part is that his shop is only about twenty miles from us. BunnyBass took a trip to the shop on Friday the 26th and selected seven new basses that will be appearing on the site very soon. You can take a look at those basses in various stages of construction by clicking on the link here If you see a bass that you really like, please email us and let us know. Some changes can be made while the basses are in the early construction phase if you would prefer. - jimmy-11-28-04 (Sunday)

We also have added a few new arrivals to the basses store section. One is another beautiful Roya Red Marble four string from Jens Ritter. The previous one didn't hang around too long, so we were pretty lucky to be able to get another bass from Jens rather quickly, I think this was the only one left on his site! Another addition is the MusicMan Limited Edition StingRay 4 Envy Green. Check this one out for some cool added and different features from the stock model. Pete Skjold of Skjold Design Guitars is now well represented on the site with the addition of two new fretless five string basses. Both of these are in the Custom Series line. Take a look at the Skjold Custom Series 5 Lacewood and the Skjold Custom Series 5 Anigre-both are really super nice basses I think. Pat Wilkins of Wilkins Guitars has added another excellent bass to our line-up. Take a look see at the Wilkins Fireburst Custom Jazz. This is a super jazz bass with some really cool differences from the standard model offerings. - jimmy-11-28-04 (Sunday)

So as not to forget the used basses section, a 1979 BC Rich Mockingbird is now on the site. This is a shorhorn version and has been completely re-finished by Pat Wilkins, he did a beautiful job I might add. Also, a really nice MusicMan Translucent Orange StingRay 5 string is in need of a new home. This bass is in mint condition and a great deal if you are in the market for a five string bass. - jimmy-11-28-04 (Sunday)

Hello again to everyone. We have an idea for something new that we would like to begin here on the BunnyBass site and it will involve your input. We are staring a new feature in the e-zine section under community fun that for now we will call Player's Profile. We would love to receive information, photos, etc from you bass and guitar players out there about you, your instruments, your bands, your musical styles, or whatever you feel is worthwhile and relevant. If you are in a group and would like to promote your CD, that's great with us. We always see the articles about the famous bass and guitar players, so why not something about the rest of us not so famous! - jimmy-11-30-04 (Tuesday)

We are really excited about two new builders that we will be representing on the BunnyBass site. Ryan Gadow of Gadow Guitars and Jon Maghini of M Basses. We have one of Ryan's guitars on the site as well as one of his basses. There will be more to come in the near future. Check out the Gadow Guitars Jazz 2004 Summer Namm Show six string guitar and then jump over to the basses section and take a look at the Custom four string bass. They are both fine instruments and we are proud to feature them here on the site. Jon Maghini has graced us with a really sweet M Basses Signature Series fretless four string bass. This bass is really worth a good look. A big sound from a really light instrument. These are just the first of many instruments from Jon and Ryan. We look forward to working with both of these guys for a long time to come. - jimmy-12-19-04 (Sunday)

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