2003 What's New

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      Hi - good news: The BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archives is now open. Here is the opening "What's New" from bbMIA:

      Welcome to the grand opening of the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive! We are very happy to begin work on what we think will eventually be something very special. To create a large, expansive photo-archive of basses, guitars, and related musical instruments is an idea we've been wanting to do for several years. But it was only about a year ago that we seriously put the idea down in writing and began searching for people who would really be willing to help with the work and resources necessary to create a permanent website home. After a lot of planning, re-planning, a ton of letter writing, programming, and a good measure of good luck, here it finally is. Whether bbMIA survives the first few months has everything to do with whether or not enough people support us by signing up for membership. So if you're reading this, we sincerely thank you for your support. Things will probably be shaky at first, but we promise to give this our best effort and hope you stay with us to watch the development of this dream. We're hopeful that things will go well (*fingers crossed*).
      And please don't forget to tell your friends - for less than the cost of a disposable magazine you'll be helping to support something that will hopefully become a lasting and deep informational resource, a mega-document of many thousands of instruments able to function as something like a virtual library. We're creating this archive for musicians, collectors, luthiers, or anyone else who appreciates the beauty and art of these wonderful tools of the mind and soul. And we're trying to do this the difficult way - without distracting, blinking advertisements in every margin, occupying every available square inch of your computer screen. We're aware that this goes against the current trend - even our oldest and most venerable museum institutions have crossed the line into creating exhibitions or even building collections at the behest of the most "generous corporate sponsors" (museum slang for "highest bidders"). In a perfect world, museums, public radio, public television, and other kinds of educational organizations would be able to present information according to what they consider to be most important, relevant, or interesting. But of course in reality the amount of influence business interests hold is tremendous. The same is true for magazines, newspapers, and websites, and so we've decided to try to run bbMIA entirely on subscriptions and donations. bbMIA will be a lot more useful (and fun) if we're free to say or include whatever we like, without having worry about offending some/any/everyone. If this proves to be impossible, then, okay - better get an eyeful now because bbMIA may be gone very soon! Again, we are very curious to see how things will go.
      Okay, enough ominous scary-talk and back to the collection. Although we'll eventually have roughly equal parts new guitars and basses featured every month, we thought that for our first month it would be appropriate to start things off by acknowledging our first love, our roots: the electric bass guitar. We are, after all, an outgrowth of BunnyBASS, so we will start things off by having basses outnumbering guitars, 12 to 6. But we know that we have been neglecting guitars for many years, so in the future we will try to steadily grow our guitar archive - many of us play and enjoy both kinds, and we hear there are quite a few interesting guitars out there in the world too. We will see if this is really true or not (just kidding).
      For now, please explore the site, and we hope you enjoy your visits. We will be pouring all our energy into developing this site, and we hope you enjoy what will become of this ongoing experiment called bbMIA.
      ~ the bbMIA staff: harry, kim, jana, mimi, henner, nancy, leslie, jon & carol.
      So there you have it. We will be making the final transition from "BunnyBass the online store" to "BunnyBass the photo-archive" over maybe the next several weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to close the BunnyBass store down soon, we were thinking maybe the end of the year as perhaps a neat and logical time to completely wrap things up. It might be a little difficult though - we still have quite a few instruments in stock that we have to send to new homes. To help speed things along, we are going to have our first-ever (and last!) BunnyBass Sale. I guess you could call it a clearance sale? So starting today, November 3rd, all used instruments will be discounted. If you see anything that you were kinda interested in and you hesitated because maybe you thought the price was a little too high, well hey, now's a good time. Just e-mail us and we'll send you the discounted price. We'll check back in again soon! Ciao!
     ~ bunnies 11.02.2003 (Sunday)

      Hello everybody! Just a mini-update for those of you looking forward to the opening of the bbMIA (BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive). We've decided to postpone the launch of bbMIA a little - we keep getting more ideas that we want to incorporate. In addition to new, exclusive photographs of instruments every month, we've also decided to include new sections: a Members' Photographs Archive, a Centerfolds section, and a new message board. In other words, it'll be gooood, but it's taking a little longer while we work on the additions. Right now the entire BunnyBass team is meeting in NYC to discuss and work on several new things including the bbMIA, so BunnyBass-Honolulu will be closed for the next couple of weeks. The new lanch date for bbMIA is Octotober 2003 - we'll see you then!
     ~ bunnies 9.4.2003 (Thursday)

     Hey, have you noticed that this site has received a make-over? After looking at the main index remain pretty much the same for almost five years, all of us here at BB were very ready for a change. We all submitted our ideas for new looks and new site names. We had originally planned to call this site BunnyBass Central but Nancy pointed out that it sounded kinda like Bass Central, the bass store in Florida. Funny how the rest of us hadn't even thought of that, but after she mentioned it, it sorta bugged us. We came up with a lot of other names, many of which were really really terrible, I won't even repeat all the names we eventually rejected. And we're not sure that BunnyBass e-zine (the name we finally decided on) is actually so much better, but we couldn't come up with anything better so for now it'll have to do. So anyway Jon got to work on redesigning the main index page, and though Harry doesn't really care for the result ("too techno"), me and Jon think it looks better than before. Nancy liked a different version, but because our little democracy is often only four people wide (Jana and Henner usually don't vote), two votes is often the winner... Anyway, I like the new look. I'm sure some people will hate it, but then again a lot of people hate Twinky our bass playing bunny in the first place so who cares. For those folks, as they say in Aminania, "rabbits to you!" - or "rabbits rabbits rabbits!", or "hares hares hares!", I forget which.
     In other news, we added a few more builders to the Directory of Independent and Custom bass builders, and the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive (bbMIA) is almost ready for its unveiling. I'll post another note here when it's finally open.
     ~ mimi 8.2.2003 (Saturday)

     Hi everybody. We finally uploaded the new BunnyBass store yesterday. It's a lot cleaner and prettier than the old shopping area. We thought that since we'd taken on the responsibility of representing all these nice buidlers, we should have a nice environment for their beautiful work to be displayed. So now the BunnyBass site is split into two areas - the store stuff on one side (BunnyBass), and the information & amusement stuff on the other side (BunnyBass Central). We're still in the process of moving stuff around and relinking everything, so please excuse the mess. Not everything works at the moment but hopefully we'll get all the bugs and dead links worked out soon. Oh, one more thing - Nancy made us a new newsletter device. We're not exactly sure what we're actually going to put in the newsletter, but we hope you sign up anyway! We won't give your e-mail to anyone else and if our newsletter bores you it's really easy to unsubscribe. Stay tuned for more information.
     ~ bunnies looking forward  7.10.2003 (Thursday)

     Wow, I know we hadn't updated the site for a long time, but I didn't realize it'd been almost a month - sorry! We've been pretty busy here building a new BunnyBass store. It's finally done now, we're just getting all our ducks in a row before rolling it out. It looks nice, I like it. But anyway, yeah, I'm not going to bother updating our for-sale pages with all the new instruments yet since they'll be in the new store very soon anyway. Just a bit longer! Sorry for the wait!
     ~ very busy bunnies  6.24.2003 (Tuesday)

     Finally added the construction diary from the very talented folks at JP Basses - a nice step-by-step photo-essay called How we build a bass. Even though there's a lot of photos here, of course it only shows a fraction of how much work goes into making a nice instrument. Look carefully at this essay and then go give your bass a hug. Special thanks to the JP Basses guys for sharing the pictures and information with us all.
     ~ memorial day bunny  5.26.2003 (Monday)

     The Hanewinckel basses have just arrived and we are VERY impressed! Also, a few more basses as well - an old 1967 Hofner, an incredible sounding pair of Ken Smith BT5s, a couple of MusicMan basses, and very very special, an old F bass from 1985. A few more basses are being posted later this week too. Please take a moment to check them out, k?
     ~ announcement bunny  5.15.2003 (Thursday)

     As you may have noticed, the site was down for a couple of days. The new harddrive turned out to be faulty and so we had to move again. Hopefully our last move for a long time, it's not fun moving the 40,000+ files that are the BunnyBass website. I think things will be settling down now and everything will slowly return to normal over the next week or two. If you find any dead links or corrupt pictures, please take a minute to let us know, that'd be a big help. Thanks to everybody for their patience during this Spring-cleaning and moving frenzy!
     ~ nancy  5.13.2003 (Tuesday)

     Wow, the Nordstrand bass has just arrived and it is amazing! Here it is!
     ~ mimi  5.7.2003 (Wednesday)

     Okay, the move has been completed! So now we now have our very own server - thanks Nancy! Our apologies to those of you who tried to e-mail us over the past few days, it's because we were in transit that your e-mails were either bounced back to you or just got lost in the big, wide internet 'out there'. If you have not received a reply from us in within 24 hours of your e-mailing us, please resend your e-mail, everything should be working now.
     We had to make the move because these past few months we've been getting more and more traffic - at the moment we transfer well over 50 gigs per month and our ISP expenses were getting outrageous. So now there is a big computer (server) that has nothing on it cept for BunnyBass. This means we'll be able to do some new stuff now, without having to worry about going over our monthly bandwidth limit, and I think overall our site will be faster too. Nice.
     ~ mimi  5.5.2003 (Monday)

     just a quick update on the server move. unfortunately, we have not yet moved. =( apparently our hosting company lost the work order, so it's gonna take at least another day or two before everything changes over. bleh!
     ~ nancy  4.28.2003 (Friday)

     We're really excited over here cuz we bunnies are going to be moving servers again (yay says Nancy who has to do all the work. Thanks nancy! ^_^). Nancy'll try to move everything as fast as she can between Sunday and Monday, so you might not be able to access the website at that time. Hopefully this will be our last move - we're going to be on our very own dedicated server now whee! Does this mean we're gonna have more (new) fun stuff? I think so! We'll keep you posted!
     ~ mimi  4.25.2003 (Friday)

     As far as we know, the world's only pony-bead bunnybass bunny (this is how Nancy spent her Easter Sunday). Wow, it even has it's own Zon bass (even has the tuning machines! lol!), which probably makes that the world's only pony-bead Zon bass too. Apparently we are breaking a lot of new territory here...
     In other news, the Bass Design section is finally open. Right now it's very small - there's only one article in it at the moment (an article on bass ergonomics by R. M. Mottola) - but like everything else around here, most likely it'll keep growing until it's hideously large and unwieldy. Coming very soon, a nice picture essay from the good guys at JP Basses on how they build their lovely basses. Cool!
     ~ mimi  4.21.2003 (Monday)

     Finally some new amusing basses and guitars. This isn't all of them, we still have a few more, but here are eight new ones starting on the bottom of page 59. I can't believe we have over 60 pages of amusing basses already, what a nightmare. My favorite of the bunch: the awful but charming clock-bass on page 62.
     On a more serious note, we just posted a new interview, this one with the very talented luthier Carey Nordstrand. He first caught our attention a couple of years ago while he was still at the John Suhr shop doing some of the best fretwork and setups we'd ever seen. Now he is on his own running a small custom shop out of Yucaipa, California, and he is just one of those very special builders who simply has a great feel for how to make a great bass. Actually, he's putting the finishing touches on a bass for us right now - a burl redwood 5 string that we're sure will just be wonderful. Hopefully if the timing is right Jon will be able to pick it up from Carey in person when it's done in a week or two. And of course, lots of pictures and a full description will be coming as soon as the bass is done.
     ~ finally bunny! 4.12.2003 (Saturday)

     Okay, I'm finally done (for now) updating the directory of Independent and Custom bass builders. There's still a lot more people out there building basses that I've yet to add to this list, hopefully I'll get around to it soon. For instance, David King sent me a list of French luthiers about a month ago, and I still haven't had a chance to go through the entire list yet. But at least the list is slowly getting longer, and I'm pretty sure that it's already the single most complete list of independents on the internet at the moment. One improvement - over the past couple days I went through all the websites on the list, trying to figure out what country each company/builder is from. Some were obvious and I found the information quickly, on other sites I really had to search to find a physical address. I still don't know where a handful of the builders are from - if anyone out there knows the country of origin for a builder that's currently "blank", please e-mail us. Your help is very appreciated in keeping this directory comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. Thank you!
     In other news, for those of you who experience chronic neck-diving, a possible source of relief - the review of the Strapture straps we saw at the NAMM show is finally done, you can read about them here.
     ~ jon 4.9.2003 (Wednesday)

     Hey! Your bass needs new strings & a dust-jacket, and you look like you need a chocolate bunny! Thank goodness for the BunnyBass Easter Season Special!
     ~ announcement bunny 4.8.2003 (Tues-night)

     Special sale prices on a couple stuffzez on eBay - an Alembic and a Smith bass...
     We finally re-did the BunnyBass Museum thing. We used to have it as a separate area, which I think was kinda confusing, because then we had the same instruments listed in two places (in addition to being in the bb museum they were also in the pretty basses or guitars lists). So what we did was take down the link to the bb museum on the main index, and then just made a new icon that'll go on each vintage exotic instrument's description page to identify which one is which... Hey, you know what? This sounds really confusing, just forget it, it's not a big deal. The main thing is that I think things are better organized now, even if I'm not doing such a good job describing exactly how it got better...
     I think we're gonna have a Easter season special - to celebrate bunnies. I'll post it somewhere on this site that'll be easy to find. Oh yeah, I know bunnies are cute, but please don't go out and buy a bunny for your kids just because it's Easter. Every year people buy lots of bunnies around Easter time and then the kids eventually get bored of the bunny and then the bunny is neglected, or released because they're not wanted anymore, or taken to the pound, or maybe end up as soup. This Easter, please be sensible and just stuff your kids with candies and eggs instead. Real bunnies are real animals with real feelings and needs.
     ~ bunny really running out of descriptive bunny terms, time to move on... 4.8.2003 (Tuesday)

     Field Trip! Everybody interested in seeing how Joe Zon builds his bass guitars, jump on the yellow schoolbus here (we guarantee at least a few misconceptions will be straightened out during your visit!). Special thanks to Joe for graciously hosting Nancy and Jon at his shop last year (November 2002 - yes, I know, we are very slow to put things together here...), and for letting us take the bunch of photographs that we're sharing with everyone...
     ~ the bunny is finally getting organized 4.1.2003 (Tuesday)

     Another new interview for you to ponder: BunnyBass interviews Michael Spalt, certainly one of the more interesting builders in the bass world at the moment. Everybody knows him for his striking designs, but the real goodies are in the sound and the instruments' exceptional playability. Read all about Michael's thoughts on bass here. Two interviews in one week? Hey we have been very busy bunnies.
     ~ bunnies making a lot of new stuff for you to read lately 3.25.2003 (Tuesday)

     The butterscotch blonde DC Olson bass is finally here and it is just too sweet! It may not look like an early 60's Fender Jazz, but that's exactly what you'll think of as soon as you feel the perfect neck. Easily the most excitement we've had around a new bass in a long time. Read the whole review, don't just look at the pictures, okay? Wow!
     ~ reviewer bunny 3.23.2003 (Sunday)

     We just posted a really great (if we may say so ourselves!) interview with Kevin Reynolds of Thomastick-Infeld strings. If you're like most everyone else (including us, we shamefully admit it), you probably don't know a whole lot bass strings. Everybody knows that strings are an extremely important part of your sound, but still - who wants to spend time reading and studying about strings? They're boring, aren't they? Well, actually, as we found out, they're actually pretty interesting! Whether you use Thomastick-Infeld strings or not, please read this interview. You will learn a LOT about strings in general that you may have never thought of before. Well, anyway, we did! And knowing some of this very practical information will help you play and sound better too. Though the subject of strings doesn't sound too enticing, we think this is actually one of the more useful interviews we've done so far.
     ~ interviewer bunny 3.22.2003 (Saturday)

     Luthier Mark Campellone, famous for his incredible jazz archtops, sent us a group of photographs of some electric solidbodies that he built during the late 70's to early 90's. We put them on a 'supplementary information' page, a sub-page of the beautiful Campellone 'no. 45' in the guitars archive. You can view the pictures by going directly here. Many thanks to Mark Campellone for being so nice and taking the time to make copies of the photos and dropping them in the mail!
     ~ keeping busy bunny 3.21.2003 (Friday)

     A new entry in the BunnyBass Wood Library today: Dibetou, an African hardwood.
     ~ a bunny just looking for some distraction 3.20.2003 (Thursday)

     According to the news on television some kind of military fighting has begun in Iraq just a couple of hours ago. Regardless of what we all believe in I'm sure every one will be doing a lot of praying for a stop to this violence on all sides in the coming days, weeks, and months. Certainly bass guitars and maybe even music feel so very far away today.
     ~ a very melancholy group of bunnies 3.19.2003 (Wednesday)

     from harry's visit this week to the fodera shop, pictures of three beauties: a spalted maple Imperial 6, a walnut fretless 5 (that's the one I want), and for you Victor Wooten wannabes, his Monarch 4 string tenor bass. every time harry comes back from the Fodera shop, he has something like two million astonishing stories to tell, and the more i hear about the way they do stuff over there, the more i am impressed with their basses too. for me it is like when i love a certain book, and then i meet the author and find out she is honest, generous, kind to animals, and writes her books without using a computer.
     ~ bunny says 'wow that's so cool' 3.12.2003 (Wednesday)

     i'm not sure how many people missed these, so i'll post an announcement about them. there are a couple of very beautiful Gibson archtops in the guitar archive - they're both from the 50's and i had a chance to play them last both last week, and wow, they are such achingly beautiful instruments that playing them almost makes you want to cry. anyway, just thought you might enjoy looking at jon's pictures of the twins, they're very nice. you can see them by clicking here, for lack of a better place to put them, they are listed under the 'sold' instruments.
     ~ finally calming down bunny 3.6.2003 (Thursday)

     The new BunnyBass online store is officially open! We're very proud of our new store, it'll be the only online bassstuff store in the whole world to combine high quality music accessories, bunny-graphics, and a donation program that sends a protion of each purchase to a progressive non-profit of your choice. It's already up and running (Thank you Nancy!) and over the next few weeks you'll notice it slowly filling up with goodies. In fact, within the next few days Thomastik-Infeld strings will become available at the bunnyhouse store. They're great strings with a unique feel and a beautiful sound, and we're glad to have them because we actually use them ourselves (reviews and an interview with the TI peeps coming soon!).
     We're going to be very careful about what we put in the store. There's a lot of stuff out there and to be blunt we don't want to sell it if we don't think it's good. So we're planning on only selling the stuff that really works, instead of anything we think people will buy. I'm sure some people would say 'bad business decision' but who cares. In the meantime, if there's anything bass or guitar related that you really like and would like us to carry in the store, please let us know. If we don't already know about it we'll try to get our hands on it and test it out. Thanks & please take care!
     ~ busy bunnies 2.24.2003 (Monday)

     A new FAQs sheet at the Custom Shop section - if you've been thinking about what it'd be like to have a custom instrument built for you, please take a few moments to ponder the information... (here).
     By the way, does anybody want to see a few photographs of a cherry 1961 Fender Bassman amplifier? Look at the speaker cable!
     ~ bunny have pen & camera 2.21.2003 (Friday)

     Ukuleles! Beautiful handmade ones! People say "ukes", but we like to say "ukus for you"... ^_^ By the way, the BunnyBass Online Store is almost done and will be going live very soon, like maybe even today. It's really nice and makes ordering stuff really easy becase you can use credit cards (instead of having to print our hokey order form and mailing it to us with a check like before...). Special thanks and kisses to Nancy for building it, she's so cool. By the way, today is Valentines Day, so don't forget to tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you... actually the same stuff you're supposed to be doing every day but you don't because you take them for granted!
     ~ bunnies who love Hawaiian music 2.14.2003 (Friday)

     Just added the Korean-language correspondence kit to the BB site - cooool. Japanese and Spanish coming soon!
     In other news, we're super happy to announce that we have added master builders Pete Hanewinckel and Carey Nordstrand to the already incredible list of luthiers that BunnyBass represents. We are so excited - Pete said that he will be sending us a Signature 6 soon, we have already seen pictures of it and it is drop dead gorgeous. Carey allowed us to choose the wood for the 5 string bass he is making for us right now, and it is so 'wow' - an unbelievable piece of burl redwood. We are having way too much fun... If any of you out there have been thinking about having your dream bass built, now seems like a good time... Drop us a line with any ideas you have, k?
     ~ mimi 2.8.2003 (Saturday)

     That cool row of Japanese-Korean-Chinese-German-Spanish-French translation buttons now found here and there on our site were put there today by Nancy. Only half the buttons work right now (Chinese, German & French), but that's okay, I just like looking at them, makes BunnyBass seem a little less xenophobic, don't you think (I don't know if this is true or not, I just wanted to say the word 'xenophobic'...). Like a lot of other ideas we've had, adding these language buttons is something we've talked about doing for a very long time. I think our average concept-to-completion time hovers somwhere right around two years - a little longer than the amount of time it'd take someone to get pregnant, have a baby, and then have that baby learn to walk and start talking. Who says we're not efficient?
     ~ international bunnies 2.7.2003 (Friday)

     We're very pleased to announce that BunnyBass has a new custom shop area! There is a very long story behind why we decided to finally make new instruments available at the BunnyBass website, and I hope someday one of us will stop for a moment and write it all down (it's actually a pretty interesting story...). But for now, we want to focus on the present and future. Our project is very simple: 1) Find the finest instruments, from the best luthiers in the world. 2) Create a helpful catalog of information that shows something about how each builder approaches their craft, and what they're capable of. 3) Provide a friendly, honest means of assisting people in finding the one, special instrument that will serve as their true companion as they travel the long journey.
     On a personal note, it's difficult to communicate how pleased we are to have some of our very favorite bass and guitar builders represented in our custom shop area. We believe in these builders' integrity and positive creative energy, and we also feel honored to call them friends. In the coming days/week/months, we will slowly be adding more custom and independent builders, so please stop by often to see the latest information and instruments (many of these luthiers are building instruments for BunnyBass right now, they'll be arriving 'soon'...). At any rate, we hope you enjoy browsing the information presented on the custom shop pages, and to be honest, we also hope a seed of desire is planted too. The dedication of these luthiers to their craft is certainly worthy of support. It is a privilege for us to represent these wonderful people and their instruments, and we'll try our best to represent them in such a way that we hope does them justice.
     ~ bunnies 2.5.2003 (Wednesday)

     I couldn't find the Poke-the-Bunny link anywhere, but finally Ryann sent me the link again. Here it is. Hours of amusement...
     ~ mimi 2.4.2003 (Tuesday)

     Some very minor stuff was added tonight: the 'please stamp me' thing on the main index (near the bottom) - totally worthless addition, but there it is. Nancy also added the little pop-up status icons in the Bass Archive, the Guitars page, and the BunnyBass Museum. Nifty! (thanks Nancy!). Everybody is working so hard on the site again, I'm going to try to help out a bit more ('more', lol!), maybe lessen the workload at least until some of the new stuff we're working on's settled down... Hey, have you noticed that I've been trying to be good and use capital letters for a change? I think it's about time I try an go legit... ^_^
     ~ mimi 2.3.2003 (Monday)

     The 2003 NAMM show report is done and in the Interiews & Field Trips section. Click here to go see it - we hope you enjoy the pictures and commentary, especially those of you who have never been to it. Also, the message board is back up after some fixes, thanks Nancy!
     ~ bunnies always adding new stuff 1.27.2003 (Monday)

     The Message Board is down right now - no problems, just routine maintenance & improvements. Sorry for the 'no warning', but Nancy suddenly got some unexpected free time and decided it was better to just go ahead and do it rather than wait till later (it's Super Bowl weekend - probably nobody even noticed!). By the way, for those of you who have been inquiring, the NAMM show report is finally done - 10 pages (!) of pictures and discursive commentary - we are just doing the final edit and double-checking to make sure that all the information in it is accurate. It'll probably go up tomorrow or the day after. Thanks for your patience. Hope you enjoy the game but please don't drink & drive!
     ~ update bunnies  1.26.2003 (Sunday)

     The NAMM show is over now and we (Harry, Henner, Nancy, Jon) all had a superfun time. Of course we got to meet up with many old friends, and also made some new ones - for four days from 10 am to 6 pm we had a chance to check out what some of the world's greatest builders and musicians are currently up to. Our evenings were just as fun, hanging out together, talking about what we'd seen that day and comparing impressions, notes, and analyses. Then go to sleep late, wake up early the next morning and do it all again - it was intense and tiring but also the most fun we've had in a long time! We're putting together the BunnyBass NAMM show report right now, it'll be done in a couple of days and then posted in the Interviews & Field Trips section. It'll include some of our general observations and impressions of the show, together with our thoughts on which bass builders really distinguished themselves from the many others 'out there'...
     ~bunnies back from Los Angeles  1.22.2003 (Wednesday)

     Just a note: Most of our BunnyBass staff will be at the NAMM show in Los Angeles this week, so e-mail communication may be a little spotty over the next few days. I hope this doesn't provide for too much of an inconvenience, things will be all crazy but we'll try to keep up with correspondence as normally as possible. Thanks for your patience....
     ~bunnies going to Los Angeles  1.15.2003 (Wednesday)

     A brand new section was added to the site today: the BunnyBass Library of Wood. It's brand new so there isn't much information in there yet, but we'll keep adding to it and it will grow. It's designed to be an ongoing project: we're going to ask some luthiers if they'd be willing to contribute their persepctives on each type of wood in the library (in terms of working tips, sound, feel, and so on). The idea is to collect, over time, a lasting archive of useful information and knowledge accumulated through hands-on experience. We're hoping that this online library will benefit not only other luthiers, but also bassists and guitarists who want to know more about the precious and ever-more scarce materials used in the construction of their instruments. We will be adding new types of wood to the library as often as possible. We hope you find these pages informative. If you happen to know a bass or guitar builder that's open to sharing information, please tell them about this project. Thank you, please take care.
     ~jon  1.13.2003 (Monday)

     The navigation bar on the bottom of every page has been updated. For those of you who get lonely for the old nav bar, you can still visit it here.
     ~nancy  1.13.2003 (Monday)

     There's a new page of "helpful internet tools" - not exactly big news, but well, this column is called 'what's new', so...
     ~jon  1.9.2003 (Thursday)

     Has anybody noticed how many beautiful guitars have showed up at BunnyBass recently? A lovely Bernabe M50 classical, a super-cute & tiny Brooks parlor style guitar, a really beautiful Buscarino Classical acoustic-electric, a Collings Baby acoustic (my favorite of the bunch), a Larrivee Model 70 Dreadnought, and even an electric guitar by Mark Campellone (wow!) that kinda looks like a miniature Alembic or something... They're all very rare & pretty, I hope this trend continues and we get more of them in (but not so much that we have less basses - that would be bad!). In other news, in a few days BunnyBass will be at the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California, from January 16 to 19. If any of you are going to NAMM and happen to see people in grey BunnyBass uniforms wandering around the floor, please be sure to flag them down and say 'hi'. And why is BunnyBass at NAMM this year? It's a secret - but all will be revealed soon!
     ~secretive bunny  1.8.2003 (Wednesday)

     It's January 1st - Happy New Year! On a human level, our greatest hope for this coming year is that it be one marked by both peace and justice. And the website? Well, at the beginning of this new year we find ourselves in the midst of a lot of changes. We're working hard to make the BB website a nicer place to visit - more useuful information, more pretty instruments, and more fun stuff going on. We don't really know exactly how the year will unfold and that's fine, running this site is fun and we enjoy it and learn something new every day no matter what happens. Best wishes from us to you & your family!  ^_^
     ~your bunny friends  1.1.2003 (Wednesday)

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