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(subject: dead bunny) hi everybody! just a mini-announcement - we're in the process of relocating the bunnybass website to a more robust server because we've been going way over our monthly bandwidth limit every month (*eyes message board people!*). as a result, some portions of the website (message board, interactive forms, etc.) will be non-functional for a short period of time. unfortunately the service provider people neglected to tell us about this until _after_ everything was already dead and we called them up to ask what was going on... so anyway we'll have to go in and reprogram all our scripts belatedly - nice, huh? hopefully everything'll be up and running again soon. we just wanted to assure you that bunnybass is still alive. so if we don't have a chance to wish you a happy new year before january 1 rolls around, "happy new year!" peace and best wishes to you all!  ~your bunny friends  12.30.2002 (monday)

we wish you a very happy & safe holidays everyone - blessings from your friends at bunnybass... ^_^  ~bunnies  12.25.2002 (wednesday)

the official bunnybass shirts are now available! they are super-heavyweight button-down workshirts in charcoal grey and have designs (including the bunny) embroidered on the front and back. they are super cool - please check them out in the new online store! take care...   ~bunnies  12.23.2002 (monday)

Hi, small announcement: The BunnyBass Directory of Custom and Independent Builders (first draft) is done and posted: http://www.bunnybass.com/directories/builders.shtml. To my knowledge it's the most extensive list of custom and independent bass builders on the net. I hope this thing helps you find some new builders to enjoy. While I was putting the thing together I came across a lot of luthiers that I had once seen and enjoyed but then forgotten about, and quite a few that I had never even heard of. There are tons of really nice basses "out there" waiting to be discovered - just off the beaten path. The list doesn't include most of the builders from Japan, Korea, etc., so it'll keep growing as time permits. Also, if you can think of any that I've forgotten, please drop me a line. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!  ~jon  12.19.2002 (thursday)

The BunnyBass museum is slowly getting larger, we are working really hard here to put these fascinating early instruments online. We just added another very early Spector bass, this one a beautiful and rare NS-1 with cherry body wings. Also added recently is the Alembic Series I mentioned below, and today the amazing Carl Thompson bass from 1975. Soon we'll be adding a really incredible Ken Smith (number 0025) and an early M.V. Pedulla bass too. Harry just sent me the pictures of the Ken Smith bass - it has like 17 LED's on the control area around the knobs, wow, the coolest lightshow you've ever seen! In other news I just got back from the Bay Area, where I got a chance to visit the Wickershams at Alembic (Santa Rosa), Joe Zon (Redwood City), and Rick Turner (Santa Cruz). I have a few snapshots from my extended bass-fieldtrip and I'll try to post them somewhere soon.   ~jon  12.11.2002 (tuesday)

hello everybody, here's an important announcement regarding consigning basses at bunnybass. starting january 1, 2003, we will be raising our consignment fee to 25%. why the change? some background: for the past year or so all of us active and not-so-active bunnybassers have been brainstorming back and forth to try to decide exactly what direction we want to go with bunnybass. after much discussion we ended up with a lot of ideas for new, cool things that we'll be adding to bunnybass site. also, over the years we've been had the good fortune to talk with and meet quite a few independent builders, and we all agree that it'd really be an exciting thing to build on these relationships. to make a long story short, we finally came to the realization that none of these things were ever going to happen without bringing our consignment fees in line with what other sites ask for their services. no one else puts as much work and time into carefully documenting each and every instrument that comes to visit us here at bunnybass, and this has been a real source of pride for us. on the other hand it's difficult to grow a site when you're barely breaking even (or sometimes not!) every month. as our friends have been saying for years, one can only starve for their art for a certain amount of time before they eventually fall over dead! so with the hope of keeping healthy, growing, and innovating a thing or two, we'll be making a bunch of changes around here. more people are visiting and enjoying bunnybass than ever before, and we want to keep this site really amazing for everyone. some of the stuff we'll be introducing in the next few months are just really really neat (my opinion!) - please stay tuned!   ~the bunnies  12.11.2002 (sunday)

Just added to the BB Museum: the Wal J.G. Custom has a new resources page for those of you who would like to learn more about these great basses, or just happen to enjoy acquiring new bass-trivia. The link to the resources can be found on the Wal's page, after the curator's statement but before the thumbnails. Also, a very beautiful and early Ken Lawrence bass (serial number 0014) has been added to the museum. Galleries opening soon: a very early Spector NS-1 model, an unusual 1976 Alembic Series I bass, and a very early Carl Thompson. Hope you enjoy looking them over. ttyl!   ~jon  11.25.2002 (monday)

hey! it's my pleasure to announce the grand opening of a new wing here at bunnybass: the bunnybass museum of vintage exotics. i'm real excited about this - it's been a while since we've had something new around here. the idea came from harry over a year ago but the it just kinda laid dormant till now because everybody's been so busy. it's the first real thing we've ('we' being harry, jon, me & nancy) all done together (well okay, so actually harry and jon did like 99% of the work, but nancy and i did offer our very valuable 'encouragement'... *ahem!*). so yeah, this section is going to be really amazing - every so often we'll be featuring a special bass in the museum. all the basses that'll be in there will be special or important for one reason or another. for example, the very first bass to be featured is a gorgeous & super rare custom Wal built by Ian Waller and Pete Stevens in the late 70's and previously owned by Gary Tibbs of Roxy Music. Roxy Music! so how cool is that? anyway, go check it out, harry's narrative is really wonderful and interesting. right now there's not a whole lot of stuff in there (just a big, nearly-vacant building with cold marble floors and maybe six basses in it!), but not to worry - i'm sure it'll start filling up with neat stuff to look at sooner than you think... ^_^   ~mimi  11.20.2002 (wednesday)

it's a milestone in BunnyBass history - yesterday our website's counter registered it's 500,000th hit! *bells and whistles go off, confetti and balloons drop from the sky!* that's a lot of hits, wow, i still sorta can't believe our little website has hung around for so long. the alert visitor was none other than BunnyBass message board regular Marty Hoffman (a.k.a. misery), who was nice enough to memorialize the moment for all of eternity by taking a screen capture of our counter at half-million. now wasn't that a thoughtful thing to do? for being our 500,000th visitor Marty will be receiving a sheet of bunnystickers and a BunnyBass poster! yay! (yeah, i know what you're thinking, big deal...) a sincere thank you to all the nice folks who have visited our little bass-home on the net and contributed to making this such a fun experience for all of us. *OOOXXOOO*   ^_^   ~mimi  11.10.2002 (sunday)

Hey, big BunnyBass news (not as big as the Republican takeover of the senate, but that's a whole other story). We've just posted our first ever BunnyBass NYC bass in the Pretty Bass archive. It's a lovely Bluebond Custom 6, a very rare bird. I guess that means we are now officially operating on opposite ends of the U.S.A. - here in Hawai'i and "over there" in New York, though we probably won't have too many basses coming out of NYC for now (we need a little time to get things running smoothly at first). At any rate, we are very excited about this! Please stay tuned, more basses coming soon...   ~jon  11.06.2002 (wednesday)

A few basses for sale, the first ones for sale here in a while after our extended vacation from doing the consignment thing. You can see them here. More (unusual ones) coming soon.   ~jon  10.30.2002 (wednesday)

The BunnyBass Community Bass page has been updated, now featuring a new page of pics from katgirl in Houston, as well as a couple of "new" pics of bass-doners donhabu and Nancy. Also, because someone asked for it (why?), a picture of me in Japan here. In other news, BunnyBass will start selling basses again soon (not sure on the exact date yet, just "very soon"!). And some of the basses will be very special, so please stay tuned right here for more details...   ~jon  10.28.2002 (monday)

tiny update - four new girls in the girl pix archive: avril lavigne, britta phillips (luna), maggie vail (bangs), and mary bielich (novembers doom). in other news, jon got me a new purse shaped like a dog's head from japan. i mean, it's shaped like the head of a dog, and he got it for me while he was in japan. it's really odd but oh so cool, i'm gonna use it this weekend. ^_^   ~mimi  10.18.2002 (friday)

Just posted: a beautiful Fodera Emperor 5 string bass in the Pretty Basses archive. You can see it here.   ~jon  9.18.2002 (thursday)

so jon is getting a lot of use out of his new scanner. maybe this means some new stuff will be appearing around here. but first some old business - one of our pals out in PA sent us a bunch of photos a while back and we never got to post it till now. Mike, sorry we took so long - our sincerest apologies. mike's got like a million kiss posters and a gene simmons punisher bass and even a neon kiss sign - whoa, serious kiss fan! visit mike in the bass&pets galleries, page 4. thanks for sending the pictures mike - we'll be sending them back to you now! ^_^ ttyal!   ~mimi  9.14.2002 (saturday)

jon added a couple of very helpful articles to the tips section of the site. one of them is an excellent, succinct article written by dan erlewine on the subject of how to properly adjust your bass. he also added an equally useful article from bass player magazine that compared a ton of different bass strings and listed the results in the form of a massive chart (this article was written by scott malandrone). i dunno how long these articles will be up - i wrote an e-mail to the people at bass player magazine requesting permission to post these articles here but still haven't heard back from them. if they say 'no' i'll be pulling them down. but whatever their reply, many thanks to the magazine for providing us bass players with these two really practical and useful articles. for the time being, i guess i'll leave them up for people to benefit from. also, my thanks to jon for doing the scanning and making the additional page to hold these articles - he kinda had to do it after i opened my big mouth on the message board and volunteered his time and scanner. sorry jon!   ~mimi  9.10.2002 (tuesday)

the message board problem was fixed. well, not actually fixed, because actually there wasn't anything wrong with it in the first place. someone was just messing around with us.   ~mimi  8.30.2002 (friday)

i think we're having some kind of problem with posting new threads on the message board, it doesn't seem to be working. please let me know if you've had problems posting too. i may have to ask nancy how to fix this, i've been tinkering with it for a few minutes now but so i can't find the problem. sorry about this...   ~mimi  8.29.2002 (thursday)

Sorry I took a while to finish this up, things have been real busy around here. Here it is, a new home for the wandering bass. It'll keep growing as the bass keeps visiting more bunnies. I'm looking forward to extending that yellow line on the map. Anyone who takes the bass in is encouraged to send notes, pics, and whatnot to me here at bunnies@bunnybass.com, and I will be happy to add it to what's already there. Peace to all bunnybassers!   ~jon  8.25.2002 (sunday)

mini-update: we're not back to consigning basses just yet, but in the meantime we did post a new bass 'just for you to look at' in the pretty basses gallery. it's a very early Fodera NYC bass. it's not as 'fancy' as some of the other foderas we've have already have in the gallery, but we always think it's interesting to have a variety to look at, especically these harder-to-find basses that most people who live out in the sticks (like us) don't get to see very often (don't think we're making fun of the sticks - we like the sticks...). anyway, this bass in particular is also interesting to look at because you can see how the NYC basses have evolved 'till now (they don't look like this anymore). jon will be shooting a few more basses in the next few days - they probably also won't be for sale - but hey, it's always nice to look at pictures no? ttyl.   ~mimi  8.10.2002 (saturday)

just a few new additions here and there. Shin Ma, Jana, and Eric finally got added to the basses & pets gallery (page 4). someone also sent us a pic of Salma Hayek so i stuck it in there too (didn't know where else to put it, and i didn't want to throw it away either...). hmm... what else did i do? sheesh, i just did it and i already forgot... oh yeah - i also added a few new pages to the girls gallery: the late Kristen Pfaff (Janitor Joe, Hole), Corrine Pickett (Control Theory), Amanda from Rock Bitch (if you've got an open mind you might want to check out their website - you'll definately learn something new), Lin-Z (Mindless Self Indulgence), and Debbie Quargnolo (Die Cheerleader). Special thanks to Julie and 4buns for the pictures and info. Till next time!   ~mimi  6.19.2002 (wednesday)

ooOOooh - i just posted the bass jon received from George Furlanetto (the "F" in F bass) on friday: a lovely transparent white one. it's so pretty! i want it!   ~mimi  6.9.2002 (sunday)

nancy posted a whole bunch of new girl pix in the gallery. thanks nancy! *kiss* that list is getting 'pretty big', but that's still just a tiny fraction of the women out there making music. by the way, if you're going to send us pissy e-mails complaining that we don't have so-and-so in our gallery ("Hey! I can't believe your forgot Lita Ford??? blah blah blah...), please include a nice picture of the person and/or some information (discography, website, etc.) in your e-mail. it really helps. i mention this only because we've literally received dozens of angry or exasperated sounding e-mails about 'glaring omissions' in our gallery, but only two or three people were actually thoughtful enough to actually include a picture and information for us to post. or you could just complain nicely, either would be appreciated. signing off for now, gotta get back to work...  ~mimi  5.9.2002 (thursday)

we just posted some new amusing basses: pages 56, 57, 58, and 59. my personal favorite: marty o'brien's alien bass, heehee. i stayed home and watched some basketball on television today, then did some sewing, and of course worked on this stuff. it's good to just vegetate sometimes i guess, and today was definately a zone-out day. by the way, nancy taught me a new phrase this week that i think i'll be using a lot from now on: if you're annoyed at someone, you can say "rabbits to you" to them. supposedly it means something like "fuck you", only fluffier (this should come in handy - i'm trying not to swear at people). hey, she didn't make this up, she learned this at a museum. no kidding.   ~mimi  4.29.2002 (sunday)

wow, two updates in one day... just posted another bass in the pretty basses archive. this one is a matt pulcinella 6 string. one of jon's LA bass player pals dropped by today, and since we don't have any matt pulcinella basses in our archive, he took pictures of it for us. the owner of this bass is considering selling it, so if it strikes your fancy, drop us a line and we'll send along his email address. well, i guess that's all for now. hope you all have a relaxing weekend...   ~mimi  4.12.2002 (friday)

tiny update: we posted a couple new basses in the pretty bass archive - a roscoe 6 (nice color) and a violone (a what?). it's neat, go check it out. we'll be doing a 'big' update in the near future, with some new amusing basses, new pet pics, girl pics, and so on. when we have time, but soon. ^_^   ~mimi  4.12.2002 (friday)

got to play an alembic guitar (yes, they make guitars too) today. pretty to look at, lovely sounding, easy to play... and heavy! that little thing weighed the same as my 5 string. yoiks. i know that's not 'news' per se, but it's been a slow week. tomorrow, noodles.   ~mimi  3.16.2002 (saturday)

so we FINALLY got around to posting a few more bass-n-pets pictures. much apologies to bassrawker, who i think waited something like 6 months (!?) to finally have his picture up. ugh. (greg and jim had a relatively short wait - only a couple of months, eh? *lol*) come to think of it, i have a few girls pics to put up too. um, maybe next month. in other news, we FINALLY sold off the last of the pretty basses - yay! that took a while, but hey, sparkly basses aren't everyone's cup of tea. bunnybass'll have new basses to look at a little later, when we do someone will post a note here. keep checking back, k? ^_^   ~mimi  3.4.2002 (monday)

okay, so the olympics are over and i finally have my life back. me and my sister were practically camping out in front of the television set, and it really did seem to go on forever. but for someone like me who doesn't do anything even remotely sports-ish, it was two weeks of non-stop 'wow, how do they DO that?!'. so it was fun. i have to say though, that all the over-the-top patriotism was really getting to my stomach. someone also told me that thing cost over two billion dollars to throw, with over 320 million alone going to 'security measures'. i guess we really are insane.   ~mimi  3.3.2002 (sunday)

very very small update: i put another Q&A on the third girls' page. geez - when was the last time i posted something on those pages? someone (i'll call her 'T') e-mailed me a question about whether or not it is a good idea to first learn acoustic guitar as a way to approach learning bass.
in other news, the olympics started last night. guess who's gonna be stuck to the television set every night? what an incredible waste of time, but i'm such a sucker for these 'inspirational' stories... *guh*   ~mimi
  2.9.2002 (saturday)

just wanted to let you know about something we're all pretty excited about here at bunnybass: a "new" educational book for bassists (new to us, but actually it's been out for about 10 years!). we just got a copy of _EADG 4: Theory Textbook for the Bass Guitar_ by John Falstrom in the mail. i've had some time to scan through the logical structure of the book and flip through the main subject areas - it looks to be an excellent resource for bass players. the primary function of the book is to teach the fundamentals of music theory to bass guitarists as it relates to our beloved fingerboard. i've always wanted to brush up my knowledge in this area and this book looks to be just what i needed. when i've finished working through a sizable chunk of the book i'll post a more complete summary of my impressions in the reviews section. in the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about music theory and bass playing, you might want to check out this book yourself. you can contact John Falstrom at eadg4@yahoo.com.   ~jon  1.28.2002 (monday)

hi folks. we're having a little sale on DR Strings. $15 for a 4 string set and $18 for a 5 string set. cheap huh? please check the message board for details...   ~mimi  1.20.2002 (sunday)

nothing really new to report. hmm, let me see... NAMM show is coming soon, i don't think any of us are going. *long pause, thinking* president bush still pushing dumb "education reform" ideas. uzz. *thinking some more* mmm... something seems wrong with my CD-ROM, and the power supply on my GK died last week (no time to repair it yet). oh! hot topic: the all-time winner of basswars turned out to be salma hayek. *scattered applause* me, i voted for the cute bass-playing cat.   ~mimi  1.11.2002 (friday)

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