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Q:  I like the pictures of the rabbits you have [on your site]. Where can I get them?... - J. Balk, Albany, NY.

A:  Those graphics were done by Jon here at BunnyBass. He told me that he scanned in some stickers that he found and then he gave em basses with Photoshop. If he gets a call from the Japanese sticker company who makes em, I suspect that we'll have to pull them off this site. So you can't find these pictures anywhere, they've been custom made for BunnyBass! If you like em, you can go ahead and download em for your own viewing pleasure, but please don't blow em up and use em on a billboard to sell cigarettes or something, ok?
        ~ mimi      
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Q:  Where is your store really located?- S. Lim, NYC, NY.

A:  We don't have a store, but meetings can be arranged at our New York showroom by appointment only basis. Please see our
contact and information page.
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Q:  Why does this site look so 'girly'? - R.Joy, Tucson, AZ.

A:  Are cartoon bunnies girly? This site looks like this because there's already lots of online bass and guitar stores that that are either very macho or kinda...boring. I thought the internet could use a girly bass store and I wanted to be the first one on my block to make one. If you don't like the look of this site, I apologize, half-heartedly. If you're partial to a more manly/sexist approach to guitars and basses, I highly recommend Ed Roman's World Class Guitars site, which features sexy (?!) semi-clothed women posing with guitars. In some of the pictures, the women even act as if they are 'intimately involved' with the instuments they are holding/straddling/licking or whatever. You can visit Ed's "creation" at:
http://www.edromanguitars.com/rant/sexsells.htm ...Too funny!
        ~ mimi      [to the q&a index]

Q:  The way you bag on Ed Roman's pictures, you must be a ugly and fat jealous pesron who just sits in front of her tv and eats potatos chips all day. You can't say whos foine and whos sexy because you are to jealous to even know so why don't you just get a life and shut up complaining about other people. You can forget about me coming back to this site again because you suck! - F. C.

A:  right on F.C.! i'm glad that you're passionate about defending the little known 94th amendment of the U.S. Constitution - the right to sell guitars using semi-clad amateur 'models'. you and i may not share identical political perspectives (regarding capitalism, feminism, etc.) but i respect your position - without people like you to bear the proud flag of patriarchy, the slogan 'sex sells' would be nothing but a distant memory... *sniff* and guess what? you're right about me! i may not be fat, but i DO love sitting in front of the t.v. eating potatochips! you're psychic! whee!
        ~ mimi      
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Q:  What do you feed your bunny? - J. S., Fremont, CA.

A:  apples and rabbit chow. my bunny also seems to drin a LOT of water. maybe because hawaii is very warm?
        ~ mimi      
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Q:  I keep on coming back to your website and I don't know if I'm shopping or just obessed with YOU...I bet you hear this all the time, but I think you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen...is it possible for you to pose with an instrument in a seductive manner and send it to me or post it on the webpage? I look forward to hearing from you...talk to you later, Keith.

A:  ladies and gentlemen...that's our keith, sending me emails when he could just be calling me and acting stupid on the phone (*applause*). i was thinking of punishing him by posting a picture of him on the net - maybe the one of him and his band...with the big hair...remember 80's glam rock? keith, are you listening? *lol* anyway, just because i'm so into making people happy, here's a picture of me looking seductive (as requested) with a guitar along with my pseudo-asian girlpal (sorta like imitation crabmeat)...my my, look how thick my arm is! don't mess with me or i'll kill you with this ugly guitar! ...so keith, do we look hot or what?
        ~ kisses, mimi      
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Q:  I ran into your webpage and thought it was really great. I've been looking for a new bass for a while now and i'm really frustrated with stores who jack up their prices, even on used basses. What i'd really like is a used 5 string acacia, or a thumb 5string. Do you know where i could find one of these for a decent price? - Thanks for your time, B. B. (this comment/question was taken from an e-mail and is used by permission...)

A:  hi ben, ...i think i know how you feel about buying a bass. i've also been very frustrated with bass stores that only seem interested in figuring out what's the MOST they can charge for a bass before a bass player will walk away. i mean, i suppose this is a basic way of thinking about making a profit, but i personally think it sucks! i found out a while ago that if i ask myself 'how much is the least i can sell this bass for and still be happy' then i have a much better chance to make the person that i'm selling the bass to happy also. but that doesn't seem to be the way capitalist logic works in general. so basically, we've decided to sell basses on the premise that's it's better to do this as a hobby and get 'other' jobs to support ourselves (did you notice that i did not say 'real jobs'? ha ha). but obviously one of these days we'll probably have to fold up BunnyBass because we won't be able to expand or 'compete' with the big stores, the 'real' stores. my feeling is 'who cares'. there's more to life than trying to get bigger, faster, and all that. my sister made a joke to me just yesterday that she thinks that jon, keith, and i will have to close BunnyBass within the month. hm! could be, but again, i don't mind.
anyway, to get back to your question, i actually don't know of a particular store that has good prices on basses like acacias and warwicks. i can tell you that my favorite internet stores are my favorites mostly the ones that have the nicest pictures, not really because of great prices. the prices that i see out there that seem reasonable to me are usually at places like ebay (sometimes) and bassgear.com. the three of us are always on the lookout for basses for good prices,but these basses almost never come from stores because of the reasons i mentioned above. it's usually an individual for whatever reason wants to sell a bass, and if we're in the right place at the right time, we can pick it up, play it a little bit to see what the bass is about (sort of like reviewing the bass i guess) and then we sell it again. the one exception to this is last year jon found a bubinga neck through warwick thumb bass (it was a 4 string though) for $1045 at a large guitar store (the intials of the store are G. and C. *hint hint*). it was a returned instrument but looked brand new. we bought it, played it (and liked it very much) but then sold it a little later for...$1100. we made a whopping $55 profit on that bass, which after buying packing peanuts, phone bills, travelling expenses, splitting it three ways, and other miscellaneous things, probably netted each one of us a candybar or something. BUT! now we know that we like warwick thumb basses! so in the future, if we hear of a nice thumb bass floating around for a good price, we'll try and snag it. and now i know who to email if i see a 5 string one! and an acacia too : ) so anyone out there reading this and has a nice 5 string thumb bass or acacia, please drop us a line so that we can direct B.B. to his dream bass ok?
        ~ mimi      [to the q&a index]

Q:  Mimi, Jon, and Keith - Someome was asking me what my dream basses would be, so now I pass that question along to you. What are your dream basses? How many would you own if you could have as many as you wanted? By the way, I love your site! - Les B., Los Angeles, CA

Mimi:  as someone who openly admits to having a bass guitar fetish (don't psychoanalyze this - it means nothing i assure you), i've actually thought about this a lot. for the past 5 or 6 years, i've been playing fretless almost exclusively. it's getting to the point now where if i play a fretted bass i start getting annoyed at having those frets there on the board. if i could have any fretless basses out there...hmm... this is hard to say...but one bass that comes to mind right away (partly because i've never owned one and i'm still real curious as to what they're like) are the basses built by bob mick of tucson, arizona. i've seen them a couple of times, always in connection to jazz bassist brian bromberg, and i think they're quite beautiful. the peavy B-Quad bass series are based on this design, but the mick basses seem more elegant to me. i love spalted maple...if price were no object maybe i'd ask mr. mick to build one for me with a spalted maple top, a graphite neck, an ebony fingerboard, 5 strings with narrow string spacing (i have fairly small hands), and EMG humbucking pickups. mr. mick also makes beautiful brass bridges too, so i want one of those on it, yeah... another bass that i sometimes think about making (well, getting made for me) is a downsized fender-style jazz bass with one of those older modulus bass-star (is that what they were called? anyone remember?) fretless necks on it. this one i'd like with passive lindy fralins on it, i dunno what color...maybe...some kind of dark color or something. i played a fender jazz for years before but i finally ended up selling it - even though i liked the way it sounded, it was so darned big feeling to me. i'm not short, but i consider myself 'small' and hoisting that thing on my shoulder (or even on my lap) for hours at a time wasn't any fun. now i prefer smaller basses. i can't imagine owning more that two or three basses at a time. if i had those two, that'd be more than enough for me.

Jon:  I'd want a fretless Spector NS-5HG...a Warwick Dolphin 5...a late 70's Carl Thompson 6 string...a Ken Smith BT-G 5 string with a spalted koa top (I've never seen one though), one of those all-graphite Rainsong Acoustics (fretless, and I wouldn't throw it away if it had one of those inlaid topless Hula dancers on the headstock either)...and a fretless Rick Turner bass patterned after his Model 1 guitar, with a 30 1/2" scale length, those rubbery Nylon core strings and the piezos in the bridge. (mimi's note: Rick Turner is _such_ a nice man, and he's brilliant!) Finally, I'd like a black B.C. Rich warlock bass, with an active EMG p/j set, inlaid mother of pearl diamonds on a rosewood fingerboard, and a bad-ass bridge, which I'd then make into a coffee table and give to Keith. Happy Birthday Keith!

Keith:  Most of you out there probably think this is lame, but I'm really partial to 4 string basses...that's because I'm not a big guy and most instruments will look really funny on me...it would look like I'm trying to play an upright bass while pretending its a ukalele...so without further delay...my ULTIMATE 4 STRING ARSENAL!!!: a Spector NS2, an Alembic Mark King Signature w/Burle Chestnut Top...(Saw it on a Fodera... BEAUTIFUL!), a Pedulla MVP (I bought the consignment one on our webpage!!!), Zon Hyperbass, MTD 435, Hamer 8 or 12 String...(Ok...this is the only exception, but it is still in multiples of 4), Hofner 5000/1...SuperBeatle, and, well...that's all for now. To be continued...      [to the q&a index]


A:  hey! stop shouting! i don't generally talk about myself, but since you asked so nicely, here's 'more info': i'm a very private person. in 'real life' i'm actually quite different from how i come across on email. i tend to be somewhat quiet, except around my very close friends. i don't like shouting, or parties, or fishing. i also don't smoke, i don't like violence, i oppose wars, the death penalty, and when i get a hole in my sock i tend to fix it immediately. i like to read a lot. my sister just bought me an electric blender and for the past two weeks i've been making milkshakes almost every day. i probably sleep too much. i don't like telephones and i don't think i've ever talked on the phone for more than 15 minutes in my whole life. when i was a child i hated eggplant, now i love it. same goes (in the opposite direction) for fish. i wash my hair everyday. my first bass guitar was a cherry-colored gibson EBO, which i played for 6 years until it was stolen. i speak slowly and have been told that i have an accent, but i can't hear it. my favorite kung fu movie actor is jet li, my favorite favorite actor is toshiro mifune (so handsome!). and yes, i let the bunny out 'often'. for all you visual enthnographers out there, a photograph of my house...

mimi's place

and for those bunny lovers out there....remember to keep them away from printer cables.

bunny chewed printer cable

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Dear Mimi.  I appreciate your site, but it bothers me that you've chosen to pick fun at an individual. I'm referring to Ed Roman. I admit that your comments are sometimes funny but I don't think you have the right to humiliate someone else for your own pleasure. He has the right to express himself through HIS WEBSITE. Have you even taken the time to read his pages? They are filled with many helpful facts about guitars and even basses. This is my opinion, you may not agree with me, but it is the right way to conduct yourself. So next time you are interested in making fun of someone, kindly keep it to yourself. Sincerely, M. Smithson, Portland, OR

Dear M. Smithson,  i totally agree with you. i also think that my comments are funny. but in regards to Mr. Ed, i disagree - i think i have the right to comment on someone else, whether what i have to say is totally flattering or not. he has his website, this one is mine. hopefully he'll read what wisdom i have to offer and decide to change his ways (uh huh). or maybe he'll read what i have to say, hate me, and write nasty things about me on his website. honestly, i wouldn't mind at all. i wouldn't want to tell him how he should conduct himself. and actually, i don't think Mr. Ed would feel particularly threatened to hear what i have to say about him anyway. he doesn't strike me as a timid man lacking in self confidence. in fact, the reason why i've read through his site is because i do appreciate many of the things he has to say (stop laughing). i may not agree with many of his perspectives, but the world certainly is more interesting when people take the time and are nervy enough to put their thoughts 'out there' - which by the way also means opening yourself up to criticism. criticism is a good thing in my book. it gives us a chance to rethink our positions and perhaps even strengthen our convictions. doesn't it also give us a chance to arrive at more nuanced understandings of reality? (philosophical blah blah blah...)

okay now let me say something nice about Mr.Ed (if it'll make you feel better). i like the fact that he includes his analyses and opinions about the music business right alongside his many guitars and basses for sale. this is very worthwhile reading and something that all of us that play and listen to music should read and think about. so i'm grateful that he does this, even though some of his analyses are, in my opinion, weak, faulty, or otherwise pathetic. for example, there's a section in which he explains the logic behind cost-cutting. he gives an example of a company that attempts to cut costs in a seemingly trivial way:

"Many people wonder why large companies try to shave pennies off their costs. Especially when the product sells in the multi thousand dollar range. Most people don't grasp the reasoning behind it. I mean it's obvious that cost cutting saves money but in the grand scheme of things most people tend to think it incredulous that a company, any company would be concerned over saving 6.83 on a set of tuners for a $4,500.00 list price guitar.Well, I am going to try to explain it.
Lets say for example, a company shaves a meager $6.83 off the cost of building their guitar. If they can do this in a way that doesn't greatly effect the overall quality Great!!!! But more often than not this is how quality slips slowly down the Toilet. OK here we go!!

PBS company has just reduced their cost per guitar $6.83
PBS company builds 141 guitars a day daily savings $963.00
PBS company is open for business 275 days a year
PBS company has saved a whopping $264,833.25

Two hundred sixty four thousand dollars is more than a quarter of a million dollars.
That money goes straight to the bottom line, In otherwords it's pure profit!!!!!"

now, i like the fact that he's trying to explain this. this is something that concerns us all, not only in terms of bass guitars but also in terms of the gap that we experience between manufacturing-logic and consumer-logic in general, in many aspects of living in a capitalist society. but the example is also somewhat problematic for this reason - no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't think of even one company manufacturing/selling 140 guitars a day in the $4500 price range. even at a very modest 200 production days a year, that's almost 30,000 guitars. at 300 manufacturing days a year, that's over 42,000 guitars and/or basses. what company is this? i realize this is only an example, but when examples don't resemble reality...well, they suck because they're misleading.

here's another example that makes me want to kiss/slap Mr.Ed. He tries to explain why NAMM attendance has slipped (a topic that's kept me up all night many times). in his reporting of the following 'facts', he reveals the underbelly of the music world that us mindless consumers don't generally understand, or even think about, so in this i think we should all offer thanks.

"Top 10 Reasons Attendance is down...Who Asked Me? Certainly not any of the old boy network at NAMM...

Reason number 8:  No Major Parties, Companies Like Kramer used to put on Huge Party Extravaganzas with people Like Sam Kinnison Hosting and bring On several dozen Rock stars. There would literally be hundreds and hundreds of California Hollywood Las Vegas Style Rock n' Roll Showgirls, Groupies and Starlet types everywhere. Nothing kept attendance high like those Rock n' Roll women from the 80's and early 90's Shows. The Seattle plaid look didn't do too much for attendance I can tell you that for a fact. Girls in bulky Clodhoppers and Short hair that were all trying to outdo each other to see who could look like they just came in from milking the cows stopped lots of people from bothering to go to the show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sexist but the facts are the facts and I'm just reporting them as I see them."

i'm not going to comment on this one, except to say that we need more people like Mr. Ed speaking his mind. if you want more, go visit his site - soak up the knowledge, bask in his greatness, and when you're done, make sure you buy a bass from him. tell him 'mimi at bunnybass sent me'...
Ed Roman:  a true American, fountainhead of knowledge, a man's man, an all-around righteous dude. Rock on.
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