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BunnyBass represents: Wechter Guitars.

Already internationally-known for his incredible handmade acoustic guitars, if you are a bass player you probably know Abraham Wechter as the luthier who built Mahavishnu Orchestra member Jonas Hellborg his famous double cutaway acoustic - the 'Roman Bass'. Certainly one of the most visually striking acoustic basses ever made, the organic and nuanced sound of this instrument was one of the forces that inspired Jonas Hellborg to explore the sonic landscapes of acoustic bass playing. Now Abe Wechter combines the experience gained by working with the bass virtuoso together with his decades of acoustic instrument design and construction, in order to create a radical new acoustic bass design that will be of special interest to electric bass guitarists. This instrument features several innovative structural design elements. The internal construction is very interesting, the neck being attached to the body in such a way as to offer unimpeded access to the upper registers. The bridge is esquisite - beauty, simplicity, and perfect functionality combined - and there will be elegant, practical structures available as options for this instrument that will allow it to be played comfortably on a strap (in perfect position and in perfect balance), as well as allow the player a comfortable place to rest their thumb without stressing or impeding the free movement of the instruments' top.

Abraham Wechter is in the final stages of developing this new design, the Wechter Pathmaker bass. He'll be sending a prototype to BunnyBass, where we'll play and record with the instrument in order to give Abe meaningful feedback. Abe has also been sending us some of the computer aided drawings he's been using to design and conceptualize this instrument, some are included as a special preview below. Following the development of an important new design is not only fascinating but also educational, and we appreciate Abe's openness during the development phase. In order to keep you informed as to the progress of the project, BunnyBass will be posting photographs, a full description, and a review of the prototype when it arrives. In the meantime, if you have any questions about having Abraham Wechter build a custom instrument for you, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Jonas Hellborg's Roman bass (left), and the new Pathmaker bass prototype (right).
Photos courtesy of Wechter Guitars.

Click on a thumbnail to view photographs: (more CAD drawings and prototype photographs to come)



Options: (This is only a partial listing - others may be available, so please inquire.)

Wechter Model 9400: Acoustic bass guitar.

Standard Features:
     Double Cutaway
     21 frets clear of the body, 24 frets total
     Solid Spruce Top
     Solid Curly Maple Back and Sides
     Walnut Neck
     Hand Scalloped Braces
     Rosewood Binding
     Abalone Rosette
     Natural Finish Top
     Red/Brown Back, Sides and Neck
     Split Saddle Bridge
     Chrome Hardware

Model Dimensions:
     Scale Length: 34 inches.
     Width at Nut: 1.625 inches.
     Fingerboard Radius: 12 inches.
     String Spacing At Bridge: 2 1/8 inches.
     Body Depth At Heel: 4 1/2 inches.
     Body Depth At Tailblock: 5 1/2 inches.
     Body WIDTH: 17 1/4 inches.
     Overall Length: 49 1/2 inches.

fretted or fretless.
elevated thumbrest (walnut).
detatchable strap extension/positioning device.
various transducer and onboard electronics systems available, please inquire.
various wood combinations available, please inquire.
various headstock styles available, please inquire.
special inlay and laminate work.
hardshell case.

Website: [ www.wechterguitars.com ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom acoustic bass guitar by Abraham Wechter.

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