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BunnyBass represents: Spalt Basses.

"...[Spalt basses are] designed and built by Michael Spalt. Equal parts musical tool, finely crafted scientific instrument, and contemporary art-work - these basses may come across as "weird" in photographs but in person they are quite stunning. The thing you can't get by looking at [photographs] are how incredibly sensitive Michael Spalt is in the treatment of the materials. Each part is lovingly handled in such a way as to respect the innate characteristics of the material. The hardwoods are fluid, organic, and remind us of what they really are (flesh), while the metal elements are formed with the exacting beauty of fine surgical tools. These are works of art and they are striking. In no way is Michael Spalt sitting at a drafting board fiddling with the contours of his headstock, trying to make it (barely) different enough from a Fender to avoid a lawsuits! ...The basses sound great and play like butter. Michael Spalt is building real instruments, he is not making bass-art only to be looked at... One of only a few avant garde design studios out there."     ~BunnyBass 2003 NAMM show report.

One of the difficulties we anticipate having with these instruments is to get people to look beyond the visual aspect of these instruments. They are so striking to look at, we're guessing that many people will be almost "distracted" by this and totally miss the fact that the Spalt basses are also incredible playing instruments. Michael told us how it's after people start playing the basses that they really go "Wow!", we can see how this would often be the case. Somehow people are surprised that such a radical-looking instrument can feel and sound like a fine, traditional instrument. But this is the truth, and we hope we'll be able to open a few minds (and ears) with a more detailed review of the playability and sound of these remarkable basses.

Spalt Magma Lightwave models shown (click on images for larger views, photos from the Spalt basses website).

Models: Magma, Matrix, Terminator, vViper, RS Series Hollowbody

Variants: fretted and fretless, 4, 5, 6 and "?" string.

Options: "Anything is possible", so please inquire.

Website: [ www.spaltbasses.com ]

Interview: [ BunnyBass Interview: Michael Spalt. March, 2003. ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Spalt bass.

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