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     Rob Allen's remarkable instruments are easily among the most satisfying developments in recent electric bass and guitar design, combining a perfect balance visual beauty, master craftsmanship, and sensible musical instrument functionality. They are impeccibly made using only the choicest materials, with superior playability and a careful attentioin to ergonomics that make them a joy to play (they balance perfectly and are very lightweight, generally in the 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 pound range).
     And of course the sound - both the bass and baritone guitar models produce a range of sounds that can only be described as absolutely gorgeous. The instruments are extremely resonant - with a tone that is rich and deep, with a unique, organic quality that is truly addictive. It's obvious that Rob Allen's many years as a highly regarded session and touring musician now serve him well as a luthier. His experiences both in the studio and on stage have afforded him the time and settings necessary for the development of a keen sensitivity to good tone, and the result is immdiately apparent in every Rob Allen instrument we've played.
     BunnyBass is pleased to assist you in the creation of a very special, one of a kind Rob Allen instrument. Many custom options are available for each of the models - the popular, groundbreaking MB series, the exciting (and cute!) Mouse 30 bass, and of course the stunning Deep 4/5 instruments with the blendable piezo and top transducer system. Our objective is to be of assistance to you during the planning phase, so that the right combination of options may be selected that perfectly combine to match your playing style and musical needs.

A spalted maple MB model with a lined fretless ebony fingerboard and matching ebony bridge.

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Custom Instrument options:

Models: MB-1, MB-2, Mouse 30, Deep 4/5.

Variants: fretless (lined or unlined) and fretted; 4, 5, and 6 string.

Body: generally ash, alder, or mahogany, chambered for increased resonance, more overtones, and light weight.

Top woods: many exotic woods available, including figured koa, maple, walnut, redwood, padauk, goncola alves, myrtle, and so on.

Other options: one-piece bodies, matching headstock overlays and binding; custom inlay and binding work, birdseye maple neck; multi-laminate neck construction; alternate woods used in fingerboard, bridge, and control cavity; top transducer with blend controls; custom gigbags and super deluxe formfit hardshell cases (faux alligator).

Please note that this is only a partial listing - other options may be available so please inquire.

Website: [ www.roballenguitars.com ]

Interview: [ BunnyBass Interview: Rob Allen. January, 2001 ]

Shop Tour: [ BunnyBass Field Trip: a visit with Rob Allen, January, 2001 ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Rob Allen guitar or bass.

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