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BunnyBass represents: David King.

From a BunnyBass review of a David King 5 string bass, December 2002: "David King's basses are not only fine musical instruments, but also great sculptural works. The radical contours are immediately striking - this bass guitar has the most incredible sweeping forms and must be seen in person in order to be fully appreciated. David King is a real sculptor, under his chisels and files the body of this instrument no longer bears any remaining relationship to the linear board of wood from which it originated. Whereas the Steinberger-designed Spector NS series basses' contours tend towards a kind of modern, reductive simplicity, the King bass is a complex set of rhythms in tension, undulating with an almost Baroque exhuberance. The fine detail-work and quiet design touches are elegant and purposeful - the finger-rest carved into the body above the pickups, and the matched sliding control cavity cover are equally ingenious and entirely functional. This is a talented builder who certainly deserves more attention for his fine luthery skills... Placed on a strap this bass hangs comfortably and holding the instrument in your hands is a rush of sensory pleasures - the curvatious forms of the instrument combined with the material warmth of the beautiful natural woods makes feeling this bass an almost erotic experience! The bass plays easily and has a beautiful voice of its own, with great definition on the B string and lots of nice low-mids and sweet highs. The sound is balanced and compliments many variations in playing technique, and the electronics are "natural" sounding and fit this bass well..."

David King will be building some very special basses to send to BunnyBass. He is currently working on a super-deluxe headless 5 with many goodies, as well as a more basic, straight-ahead headless 5. We will be posting photographs and a full description of these basses as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, if you have any questions about having David King build a custom bass for you, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

 a David King 6 string. (photo courtesy of David King)

Click on a thumbnail to view photographs:


Options: (This is only a partial listing - others may be available, so please inquire.)

Models: Most well known for his signature "D" body shape (above photographs), there are also four other body shapes available, designated A, B, C, and E.

Available woods: swamp ash, alder, peruvian walnut, sassafras, cherry, koa, quilted maple, African mahogany, sapele, curly maple, claro walnut, black walnut, ash, narra, canary, birdseye maple, santos, macore, peroba rosa, purpleheart, zebrawood, chechen, pau ferro, chatke viga, grenadillo, bubinga, wenge, cocobolo, bloodwood, maccassar ebony, gabon ebony, vera...

Other options:
fretted or fretless (coated or uncoated)
neck through or bolt-on.
book matched, covered neck-through construction.
choice of string spacing, scale length, and neck dimensions.
headstock or headless.
custom inlay work and position markers.
choice of pickups and electronics.
piezos in bridge with active buffer.
Lightwave Optical Pickup system.
matching wood pickup covers.
custom brass or aluminum hand-machined hardware.
choice of plating on brass hardware (nickel or black zinc, or black anodizing).
type of finish.

Website: [ www.kingbass.com ]

Interview: [ BunnyBass Interview: David King. December, 2000. ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock. ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom David King bass guitar.

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