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BunnyBass represents: Mike Kinal.

"Mike Kinal builds some of the most solid, well-crafted, musically useful tools for the professional bassist at any price. You can sense his dedication to detail the second you hold his instruments. The foundation of any great bass is the neck, and Mike Kinal makes one of the most comfortable necks we've ever felt - it melts in your hands and just feels "right", with beautiful fretwork and gently rolled-over edges. It's construction is impressive - a close inspection of his carving and precision laminate work is pure art, please take a look at the close-up photographs of the headstock below for an example of what we're referring to. The body is equally ergonomic, and most importantly, there are no concessions to vanity here - every aspect of this bass's design is as functional as it is lovely to look at.... This bass is exactly the kind of no-nonsense instrument that appeals to us here at BunnyBass - slightly understated, built like a tank, refined under close inspection, and with a strong, clear voice. In a bass-world confused with marketing hype and misplaced values, Mike Kinal is building basses the right way..."     ~BunnyBass review, 2002.

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Options: (This is only a partial listing - others may be available, so please inquire.)

Models: MK, MK21, SK, DK.

Variants: fretted and fretless, 4, 5, and 6 string.

Body woods: generally alder, ash, or korina, but others may be available.

Top woods: flame maple, quilt maple, birdseye maple, koa, goncalo alves, coco bolo, myrtle, walnut, zebrano, bubinga, etc.

Finishes: oil or polyester (satin or gloss). Available transparent colors include red, green, amber, black, blue. Available bursts are: cherry, nicotine, tobacco, vintage, green, blue, and black.

Other options:
wood ramp between pickups.
adjustable nut (chrome).
many pickup configurations available: J-J, J-MM, dual soapbars, and others.
active preamp with 3 band EQ with active/passive operation, 3 way midrange switch (9- or 18-volt).
wide choice of fingerboard woods (please inquire).
finished maple fingerboard.
custom inlays.
gold or black hardware.
custom exotic wood string winder.

Website: [ www.kinal.com ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Kinal bass or guitar.

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