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BunnyBass represents: Turner Electroline basses.

"In contrast to Rick Turner's more ornate and labor-intensive Model 1 series, the Electroline series at first glance may seem to be nothing more than Mr. Turner's take on a more conventionally constructed (i.e., Fender-esque) bass guitar. This is not the case. While there is the familiar two-piece ash body and bolt-on neck, this bass embodies Mr. Turner's sophisticated but practical approach to instrument building through a combination of elegant , ergonomically friendly styling and intelligently designed, musical electronics...

The heart of the Electroline basses is their sound. Simply stated, these basses are incredibly useful tools for musical performance. The electronics consist of a large, contoured passive diamond-shaped pickup which provides a warm 'magnetic' sound, paired with piezoelectric transducers in the bridge for a very detailed, wide-frequency acoustic-like tone with lots of 'thump'. The controls are straightforward and sensible: a master volume, a magnetic-piezo blend, and a treble roll-off. Our test bass is super-responsive to variations in playing position and technique and the sound is just delicious. We've been experimenting with this bass a great deal, using a wide variety of strings, and we've come to the conclusion that it is impossible to make this bass sound bad. This bass has a wonderfully useful sound that seems to lay a great foundation for a wide range of musical styles. The bottom line is this bass just feels good when you're playing it. A lifetime's worth of experience from an acknowledged master has gone into creating these basses of understated beauty and perfect functionality..."     ~BunnyBass review, 2001.

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Options: (This is only a partial listing - others may be available, so please inquire.)

Models: EL-434, EL-434 Piezo, EL-535

Woods: flame maple, quilt maple, birdseye maple, koa, alder, ash, coco bolo, myrtle, walnut, zebrano...

Finishes available: oil, opaque colors (red or black), transparent colors (red, green, blue or natural [clear]), or bursts: cherry, tobacco, vintage.

Other options:
fretted or fretless.
custom inlay work.
models with magnetic pickups feature either dual Turner soapbar pickups or a single Turner diamond pickup.

Correspondence with Rick Turner: [ read the comments ]

Website: [ www.renaissanceguitars.com]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Electroline bass guitar.

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